Hey Birdies.   I am complete shopaholic and lazy too :p So when it comes to shopping i prefer online shopping. I love exploring new onlin...

PEE SAFE toilet seat sanitizer and LACTO CALAMINE RENEU ANTI AGING Cream from Safetykart.com

October 19, 2014 Dr. Farhat Sultana 1 Comments

Hey Birdies.
  I am complete shopaholic and lazy too :p So when it comes to shopping i prefer online shopping. I love exploring new online shopping website. I came across this unique online shopping destination named www.safetykart.com.
    It's unique because it solely concentrate on safety of it's customers, Hence the name.

About the site :
   Safetykart.com is an online destination that brings all your safety needs to one singular place. With an unwavering dedication to damage prevention and control. We created this platform with a vision to provide easy access to world class safety products that can be delivered to you with just a click.
We put in our best effort to combine world-class products, good value for money and seamless customer service to provide nothing short of a great shopping experience. SafetyKart hosts a plethora of innovative products that come with detailed and accurate product information. Divided under broad categories of Personal Safety, Child Safety, Home Safety, Sports Safety, Industrial Safety, Protective Cases and Safety Tools, the website caters to a variety of needs and requirements.
   At Safetykart.com, ‘safety’ is a broad term, associated with a sense of security in knowing that one will never be stranded. It endeavours to be a provider of assurance. Safetykart.com provides high quality products that give you a sense of assurance – and more than a product, they offer you solutions.
With a gamut of contemporary and ingenious products, Safetykart.com makes securing yourself a hassle-free and easy process. Their slogan is
"Prevent.   Protect.   Care."
    While browsing through the site two products caught my attention. Let's have brief review about it.

PEE SAFE toilet seat sanitizer review : 

 Been working in hospital I am much into sanitizers especially the hand sanitizer because for me hygiene is most important priority and I believe "Prevention is better than Cure."It's effective in killing most of germs and protecting from harmful contagious diseases. When I came across toilet sanitizer on Safetykart.com I didn't think twice to try it. Let's have a look at it-

Price : Rs.120 for 75 ml.

My Experience :
   It has simple packaging of white spray can which resembles deo sprays, easy to use and can be carried anywhere. You just need to spray it on to the toilet seat from a distance of about 25 cms, wait for about 5-10 seconds and your seat gets sanitised and ready to use free from germs and infections. Oh! I am in love with this product. Not only on toilet seat it can also be used on taps, flush and handles. It's a nice floral smell which keeps the bad odour at bay. Over all it's the best product i have came across and surely i will be buying it forever. To Buy Click Here.

Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging Cream review:
    Lacto Calamine is well known brand among all age groups. I really wanted to try this cream. Been 25 plus I am much concerned about my skin care regimen that I even include some anti aging products. It's not like I have wrinkles or something like I said previously Prevention is better than Cure I use It to prevent occurrence of fine line. Let's have a look-

Price : Rs.799 for 50 gms.

My Experience :
   It comes in a pearly white tub with golden lid. I love it's packaging so elegant and classy I wish it had spatula even to scoop out the product for hygiene terms.

   It includes instructions leaflet and 3 strips of powder applicator and proof strips through which you can see the effects of the cream. On regular application twice daily it gives soft and smooth skin. The cream is thick and white in colour but is lightweight and gets absorbed easily and moisturizes my super dry skin.

   I can see a difference by using it my skin got firmed and lighten giving moisturised and glowing skin.
   All in all i love this product and definitely buy for my mum and mum-in-law. To Buy Click Here

 Products sent by the site but my review is honest and non - biased. 

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  1. Agree with you Farhat, prevention is better than cure. And it is always recommended to start using Anti-aging cream in your late 20s.