Hey Beauties!   Happy New Year!! May this new year brings you lot of happiness and sucess. Hope you had blast during New Year.

Aster Luxury Handmade Bathing Soaps.

January 03, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 4 Comments

Hey Beauties!
  Happy New Year!! May this new year brings you lot of happiness and sucess. Hope you had blast during New Year.

 I had lots of fun with my family. I received this beautiful package waiting at my doorstep. Aster Luxury Handmade Bathing Soaps. They were kind enough to send me these amazing handmade soaps and i am excited to try them. Let's have a look - 

Price :
Rs.150/- for 125g and for whole box set of 6 soaps for Rs. 449/- ( available on discount on online shopping sites.)

About ASTER : 
Aster Luxury handmade bathing bars are premium bathing soaps which are designed for those who nourish their skin naturally. Aster bathing bars are blended for enhancing specific skin types, as every individual's skin is not the same. These luxury soaps are skin healthy, soothing and provide natural protection to the skin. Aster bathing bars retain all the possible benefits of herbs and essential oils.
Aster luxury handmade soaps use natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid etc.

The Essential Oils & Fragrances used in Aster Luxury bathing bars are sourced from authentic manufacturers & used only after going through stringent quality control methods. Aster handmade soaps use strong percentage of essential oils thus the lingering fragrance lasts much longer.
We have developed a vast range of premium quality soaps both in transparent & opaque form.

Why Choose ASTER? 
Our Soaps are :
All natural and only natural ingredients sourced whenever possible are used.
Good for sensitive skin.
Additive and preservative free.
Suited for most skin types in either scented or unscented.
Made through traditional old fashioned soap making process using Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil etc 100% vegetarian
SLS, Paraben Free handmade soaps.
Look for their amazing products online here: http://www.asterluxurysoaps.com/

My Experience : 
I loved it's packaging which is of black cardboard box having imprint of gold. The moment i opened the box i was hit by sweet soothing aroma of different soaps. It contains 6 different varieties of soaps. They are as follows:
1. Rose
2. Sandalwood
3. Khus
4. Aloe vera
5. Green tea
6. Raspberry.

It's so apt to gift these boxes during festive season. You get to try soaps with different aromas. I am sold for it's pleasant smell and very much excited to start my New Year with this beautiful box full of (chocolates oopsyy :p )soaps. So stay tuned for individual review of my favourite soaps. Untill then Stay Beautiful and Happy!
See yaa!!


  1. Aster soaps are wonderful :)

    1. Thanks Bhawna for stopping by. Yeah the soaps are amazing.

  2. I havent tried these soaps but looks great :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by dear you should try these :)