Hey All,     I came up with amazing face pack which is boon for acne or blemished skin. Words like anti - Blemish, neem, tea tree etc att...

Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask Clear Skin Review.

January 28, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 1 Comments

Hey All,
    I came up with amazing face pack which is boon for acne or blemished skin. Words like anti - Blemish, neem, tea tree etc attract my attention. Its Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Pack!!

Product Claims : 
      Keep skin blemish free by quickly reducing breakouts with this maximum strength formula. The mask unclogs pores to unblock trapped dirt & oil. Skin is left free of acne & pimples while willow bark purifies pores to prevent further breakouts.

Price :  Rs 150/- for 50gm.

Ingredients List : 
Extracts of Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Amla, Turmeric, Papaya, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, Willow Bark, Ceto Stearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Steareth 10, Kaolin, Sorbitol, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Purified Water.

Usage : 
Cleanse face before applying this clear skin mask. Keep on for 15-20 minutes before gently washing off with water. Use daily for maximum results.

My Experience : 
It comes in a white opaque tub with a green label bearing the details of the product and screw lid. Inside the lid there is silver sealed packaging. When opened the product has some greenish oily liquid from the pack floating on it. Overtime this liquid spills out during closure of lid and makes the tub dirty. I wish it had tube packaging as tub is rather unhygienic. Either way you can use spatula to scoop out the product.

  The pack is of green colour and quite thick in consistency. It is bit difficult to spread it on face directly so i take some of it in palm and dilute it with bit water and use it. It got citrus fragrance and i love it. The pack gets washed off easily and doesn't give tight or tingling sensation or doesn't dry out the skin.

  With it's all amazing ingredients it does minimise my acne breakouts over time and reduces my blemishes and gives clear, bright skin. It does remove oil and dirt. I do have pigmentation because of acne and they have lightened overtime. It acts slowly over stubborn pigmentation and gives fruitful results.

Pros : 
1. Natural and organic product with Chemical and paraben free.
2. Affordable.
3. Gives bright clear face.
4. Fades blemishes and acne spots overtime.
5. reduces breakouts and removes oil and dirt.

Cons : 
1. Tub packaging.
2. Pack doesn't spread easily on face and is very thick.

Rating :  4 / 5 (minus 1 just for its thick consistency.)

To Sum up : 
 It's affordable natural organic face pack which is free from parabens and chemicals. It's true to its claims removing oil & dirt giving clear bright skin and fading pigmentation and blemishes overtime. Must try product.
See yaa!!

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  1. I'm currently using Eeshha Herbals face pack. This one seems good for oily skin.