Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash Review.

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Hey Lovelies!
  I couldn't share with you due to my personal reasons that I'm pregnant and is in my 27th week of pregnancy. This was sole reason I was bit low and couldn't update my blog much. Pregnancy got its share of signs and symptoms like fatigue, nausea, vomitings, pigmentation etc. Pigmentation was one issue I was worried about as I already have pigmented spots on my cheeks left by acne. My skin is dry and acne prone. I had acne breakouts like seasonally. I tried many things and end up atleast with 2 pimples everytime. But to my rescue came this amazing product from Ethicare Remedies and Ethinext Pharma - Ethiglo skin whitening deep cleansing face foam. It's also a good idea to wear a women's wide brim hat when using skin whitening products to prevent any further sun damage to your skin.

Product claims : 

Directions for Use & Ingredients List : 

Price :  Rs 220/- for 70ml. Available Here

My Experience : 
  Ethiglo face wash comes in a white tube packaging with flip cover in white cardboard box with all the details. The packaging is simple and yet decent and travel friendly.
   The face wash is pearly white in colour having tiny small micro granules. A tiny amount of face wash lathers alot and the tube goes long way. I have been using it since a month and I am shocked with its results. It holds true to its claims. I purely want to test it before writing the review and here I am happy and satisfied. Now its my staple face wash.

   I was blown by its ingredients, so wanted to try this. It has Kojic Acid, Blend of AHA & BHA, Vit E Vitamin C and Liquorice which are purely skin lightening agents whereas Nicotinamide prevents further acne breakdown. I wish it doesn't have SLS and Triclosan.
    It gives nice cleansed skin after use and doesn't completely dry out my skin. The micro granules are not harsh to skin and works great in deep cleansing and mild exfoliating by providing bit even skin tone. It gives a fresh, brighter and glowing skin after wash. It brighten skin over period of time.

 I had pigmented spots left due to acne, by using this face wash my pigmentation have been reduced greatly and since I started using it there is not a single acne breakout. I am completely in love with this face fash. It not only just lightened my skin it even stopped my acne breakouts.

Pros : 
1. Travel friendly.
2. Have amazing ingredients like Kojic Acid, Blend of AHA & BHA, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Liquorice which are purely skin lightening agents whereas Nicotinamide prevents further acne breakdown.
3. Holds true to its claims provides skin lightening and deep cleansing.
4. Its brightens and gives even skin tone over period of time.
5. Micro granules acts as deep cleansing and mild exfoliants.
6. A tiny amount lathers alot and little goes long way.

Cons : 
I wish it doesn't have SLS and Triclosan.

Rating :  5/5. I can't stop raving about it.

To Sum up :   Ethiglo face wash is amazing face wash which lightens and brightens the skin and markedly reduces the pigmentation and prevents acne breakouts and gives bit even skin tone overtime. Overall it's  a must try face wash.

Which face wash worked best for you for your pigmentation? Drop your comments down below.


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Fatima Nayani
3/13/2015 08:42:00 pm delete

I have acne marks and was looking something for it. I wish it was sulphate free as I am more into sulphate free products nowadays. But still want to try this...

3/13/2015 09:08:00 pm delete

Wow sounds awesome, will try for sure

Swathi Bhat
3/14/2015 08:42:00 pm delete

Lovely review. I hate when the products which work has SLS :( Cant help it....

4/14/2016 03:04:00 pm delete

Thanks for sharing information

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