Hi!!   Life is not as easy as you think. Sometimes you need something to go on with like a small positive vibe, inspiration, hope etc. We...

Optimism In The Hospital Ward!!

March 24, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

  Life is not as easy as you think. Sometimes you need something to go on with like a small positive vibe, inspiration, hope etc. We search for those things everywhere but fail to forget that they lie infront of us and we neglect them mostly. There is such one look up story I want to share with you which gave me true definition of Optimism.

   My life was rather simple, plain and boring. I had to get up, go to hospital, do duty and get back home. It was a monotonous life. It was getting boring day by day and I was loosing interest because the patients were the same coming with same complaints like fever, headache, sore throat, dengue, typhoid, or vaccination. I was attending the similar complaints again and again and it was giving me lack of interest but still I loved my profession. Life failed to interest me because I felt I need some challenges in my profession. That was really stupid of me.

   So as days passed on I did my duty obediently but with no interest. Later I was posted in paediatric ward where I loved working and again there I lost interest as days passed. I failed to understand what was reason of my lack of concentration. I thought I needed a break and went for vacation. That uplifted my mood for a day or two and same monotonous life was on. I was seriously at loss and needed something which inspired me. But nothing I could find of.
   People in the paediatric ward was much friendly including staff, patient's attenders. It was full of cute adorable babies and kids. Still I was lost soul. I gave up and went with flow with my life. There came a day when I observed something different and unusual. I saw my senior doctor attending to a couple with a patient who was almost a 9 year kid. I went nearby to them and was bit shocked to find which I was searching for months.

   There was couple sitting happily and answering all the questions asked to them by my senior doctor and beside them was a kid who was having problem speaking, hearing and couldn't stand properly and was mentally ill. He was "Cerebral Palsy" patient. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood having poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, trouble swallowing or speaking, and tremors. There may also be problems with sensation, vision, and hearing.
   That was not just enough the more I stayed there longer the more reality hit me. Not just one kid, the couple have another kid even that kid was cerebral palsy patient. I was shocked because there is no cure for CP except supportive treatments, medications, and surgery may help. It was difficult to handle one kid with CP and that couple was managing two CP patients. There was not a slightest tone of burden in their language nor there was any hesitancy or any attention to grab sympathy. They was happy and thankful to God for whatever they have. They never tried to get rid of their children and did as best they could do for them not to mention they was from middle lower class family.

  Their optimism, hope strucked me so badly that I got ashamed of myself failing to realise life is beautiful no matter what. I failed to notice the cute little babies around me, patient's attenders giving me respect and seeking my help no matter for even a silly fever, having happy staff to work with and a happy blessed life.
  Those couple gave me a true definition of Optimism and made realise no matter what you never have to loose hope. It's just beside you in the smile of children, in the work you do etc. Whenever I feel bit low in my life I just look up to those couple who was much courageous to bring up their two kids having cerebral palsy. This was my true story which made me optimistic.

Do share your stories of Optimism with me.

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