Hey!!    It's a totally different post from my regular ones. I thought to open up with you and share with you a glimpse of my life wh...

Optimistic support from my parents when we stayed #together

March 21, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 3 Comments

   It's a totally different post from my regular ones. I thought to open up with you and share with you a glimpse of my life when I was totally lost and had no clue what to do with my life. That's when my family especially my parents played a biggest role in my life. Hope this story of my life somewhere helps you and support you optimistically directly or indirectly. Family is the only persons who stand along with you no matter what irrespective of circumstances and conditions. You can look upon them and can seek their help without any hesitation.

   It is a very competitive world in every matter including studies. I always dreamt of becoming a doctor but that was not an easy task. It used to look good playing around with your siblings with those doctor's plastic toys during your childhood days. But as I grown up and starting facing the truth about all the hard work and loads of books lying around to mug up, that's when the true reality hit me. Still I tried doing my best. I completed my Intermediate studies from a girls college where they just taught us what was important for exams but getting a seat for MBBS was totally different thing. Nothing was unimportant, you have to prepare for each and every sentence in entire book. It was horrible but still I tried my best. When results were out I couldn't believe my eyes, all those hard work, all those sleepless nights were gone waste. I hardly made into 15000 rank, where we needed to get under 8000 to get a seat of MBBS.

  That day I cried endlessly closing myself in a room. I literally worked hard to crack the rank but I couldn't. That was time when I completely lost hope and went into depression. I shut myself away from everyone and from doing everything. I hardly spoke with anyone. My parents got worried about me. My mum sent me to my aunt's place for a change of atmosphere. Without my knowledge she again enrolled me into coaching centre for next attempt.
   I was unaware of these things. When I got back, she called me and sat face to face along with dad besides her, holding my hands and looking deep into my eyes and telling these words which are engraved in my heart forever "Your more important to us than anything else and we know your capabilities and we know you can do it. Life doesn't give everyone second chance, so go and grab it and make the most out of it."

  That was enough to be said and done when I saw full hope in my parent's eyes. That was when I fully determined to do hardwork again no matter what. I started studying again and was sleeping for just three hours in my 24hour cycle. My whole family supported me by helping me in waking up and sometimes staying late to just accompany me. Finally results were out again and I got seat.

   I can't forget that day my mum and me we hugged eachother and cried. Dad was out of station. That was my most happiest day ever. Since then I look back to that day and get inspired by it. Life does give us second chance and it's upto us how we use it and family is all we need in our lives.
Love you mom and dad!!


  1. I can totally understand your situation. Even my sister didn't got the seat last year. I know how it feels when your hard work doesn't give any good result. I agree family is very important, especially in such situations.

  2. That's so heart touching dear... very much inspiring....