Hey Beauties!    Life is so weird and unexpected sometimes, you just never know what happens next. It comes with it's own surprises. ...

#StartANewLife With Marriage!!

March 24, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 4 Comments

Hey Beauties!
   Life is so weird and unexpected sometimes, you just never know what happens next. It comes with it's own surprises. One such surprise happened with me in my life that changed my whole life and it was like #StartANewLife - it's marriage.

   Yes! You heard it right it's marriage. I was in my third year of MBBS and life was going smooth and fine with college, studies, hanging out with friends etc. It was like what I wanted it to be. No responsibilities, no work, no household chores etc just a carefree life. I just had to go to college, attend classes, hangout with friends, return home, enjoy watching tv and sleep. I was much pampered in my home. I never did household chore anytime. It was much easy life. But one day out of nowhere my aunt came to my home and got her son's proposal for me. It was unexpected. Me and my parents were shocked to know that, that she was interested in me. I was very much confused because I was not ready for marriage and my parents they never forced me for anything and left the decision on me. 

      My life went into a still mode just thinking over and over what to decide. My parents always supported my decision, so I was bit relaxed in this matter because I know whatever I decide they will respect it, but I was irritated too because I was left for myself and whole burden of my life's decision was on my head. Thankfully I had good friends who helped me analyse everything, thinking about it's pros and cons that made me decide that this could be good for me and will workout. So that day I went home and told my parents my decision and it's reason behind it. Yes, I said yes. That time I didn't knew that a simple yes will change my life.

  Well that night we had simple engagement and even from next day my life was same as before. As time approached, preparations for wedding strated. I was hell nervous during those days. I barely spoke with others. Just one thing made me happy "Shopping". Been girl who doesn't love that. It was big grand wedding. On wedding day it struck me that I will be leaving everything and will be going to new house, new persons, new lifestyle. I was tearful and scared. The wedding was like a dream.

   The next day of my wedding I was completely clueless about everything. It's like completely uprooted from your childhood home and transferred to a new home, new lifestyle and a new life which comes with it's own share of responsibilities. People expect you to get adjusted the moment you arrive but they forget that it takes time. It was a complete new life. I  had to observe their lifestyle, their sense of living, their part of responsibilities. Thankfully my In laws was good enough to cooperate with me giving me time to get adjusted to things around. It was bit hard because I never have been into kitchen, never did any household works etc but still I tried doing as best as possible. 

   I started accepting that this is "My Home" and I have to stay here forever with these people around me as they are "My Family" now, that thought gave me more courage to deal with things besides immense support from my husband.
      That's my life changing moment which gave me a #StartANewLife experience. I am sure more girls who are married can relate to this. Changes sometimes are really beautiful.
Do share with me what was your #StartANewLife moment.


  1. Very loveable story of yours... btw you hv married your aunt's son means he was your brother before marriage... sry don't take me wrong... Wish you a very happy married life with so many love...

    1. Thanks for reading it dear. Yeah in our community its allowed to get married to your cousins. But i never stayed a single day at my aunt's place before my marriage so it was kind of new experience.

  2. And you are right after marriage life changes completely.. that is a very beautiful and unique experience...


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