Whenever I see the advertisement of Swach Bharat Nirman, I feel the need of such programmes more and more in India, because I have exp...

Importance Of Proper Sanitation And Safe Water, The Wash Programme.

August 23, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 1 Comments

  Whenever I see the advertisement of Swach Bharat Nirman, I feel the need of such programmes more and more in India, because I have experienced the need of such initiative when I happened to visit my grandmother's village for a vacation. i was shocked to find that there are people who doesn't have their own sanitation facilities in their homes and uses open space or lands for their basic need of nature’s call. It becomes breeding places of flies and mosquitoes which later sits on the uncovered food and water and contaminate it by spreading diseases. 

   That was the most unhygienic thing I have come across apart from taking baths in lakes, rivers, ponds and even bathing animals, washing clothes, swimming and even using same water for drinking purpose by some people etc. Sometime this unhygienic water of ponds, lakes, flowing river may contaminate the freshwater lakes, seas etc. and contaminate those water bodies and it's biological life. These unhygienic acts gives an open door for many diseases in the community. Some has distant communal latrine shared by several families. Yet many people do not have access to improved sanitation facilities which is a bleak reality.

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  Lack of safe water and sanitation is the country’s single largest cause of illnesses, and the second highest cause of preventable childhood deaths, where many children dies of waterborne illnesses. Water and sanitation-related illnesses include diarrhea, malaria, filaria, dengue, typhoid, trachoma, etc. Lack of clean water for drinking and the absence of private  and  adequate toilets  compromises children’s ability to learn and often causes them to leave school altogether, especially girls who are vulnerable to this as many drop out once they reach the age of puberty due to the lack of private and safe sanitation facilities.
  Lack of sanitation is a public health disaster where there is spread of communicable diseases and decline in public health and economy. So, sanitation is highly important and to carry out awareness regarding it "The WASH Program" has been launched  in India by TERI University in association with Coca-Cola.

The WASH Program 

The WASH Program :
 TERI University, U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in association with Coca-Cola launched the ‘Strengthening Water and Sanitation in Urban Settings' initiative in short called “The WASH Program” (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). It aims to reach 50,000 beneficiaries in low-income settlements and over 300 professionals through WASH governance studies. It will also reach out to 2,500 students through 20 municipal schools across India. It is a one of a kind association which has never been done before that will lead to the healthy development of low income settlements in the area.

The WASH Program
  Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation are crucial for poverty reduction, crucial for sustainable development and crucial to put an end to communicable diseases.

"Cleanliness is next to goodliness."

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  1. Its a great program. Hope we see good changes soon.