India is a developing country in all aspects like modern technology, science, engineering, etc. but still we shy away with discussing abou...

Say Aloud The "C" Word And Play Safe, Stay Safe!

August 28, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

 India is a developing country in all aspects like modern technology, science, engineering, etc. but still we shy away with discussing about the personal physical life and it's considered as taboo to speak about it openly. Sometimes we shy away to discuss this with our doctor even. It's just when it get extreme we go for him to seek treatment. If someone talks about it like about condoms, it's importance we see them with disregarded eyes or brush off the topic.

  There was a survey even conducted in 2005-2006 across North Indian cities, among 1645 unmarried and married men aged 20-45 years showed that two out of every five men stated embarrassment in buying condoms as a main reason for not using them. It was also found that barrier to use condom included the embarrassment in buying condom at drugstores and medical stores which lacks privacy, which leads men to be hesitant in asking about it or uttering the word condom.
  The other reason is the perception that condoms were for non-marital sex only and there is no need not use it in regular relationships. There is a thinking that asking for use of condom with the partner indicates the infidelity or having multiple partners which is the main social stigma associated with condom use. They even regard it's use as only contraceptive method to prevent pregnancies but fail to understand it's importance in preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhoea etc.
  Even teenage pregnancies are most  common these days, giving rise to various problems both to the mother and her unborn child. It is the result of parents who avoid discussing this topic with their teenagers who happen to get involved in unsafe physical relationship. Parents should be prompt, communicate and educate their teenagers about various pros and cons of having physical relationships, contraception methods etc. because this is the age group which is exposed to various media and everything resulting in such outcomes. Having safe physical relationship and taking precautions is the best way to prevent unwanted early pregnancies.
  The most reported problems related to condom use included non acceptance by partner, less comfort,  depression and anxiety, husband's alcohol use, lack of sexual satisfaction, social stigma, not available at that instant, etc. The acceptability depends on the awareness, knowledge, and positive attitude towards condom.
  To overcome the problems of non-availability and embarrassment of asking it in drugstores, came up with the purpose of "Habituating Indians to Condoms" . It provides an encouraging platform to get educated about sexual wellness, and get information about condoms, buy them, use them and get habituated to them. It is an online website where you can buy condoms from your home, at your ease without any discomfort and get it delivered at your place. It got various varieties to choose from. let us come out of our hesitant zone and making acceptance of condoms easy.

Remember, ignorance is not always a bliss.

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