Hey Sweeties!!   Who doesn't love baby lips. It's every girl's vanity staple now. After the Electro pop range they added new ...

Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Lip Balm in Tropical Punch & Berry Sherbet Review!

September 07, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 2 Comments

Hey Sweeties!!
  Who doesn't love baby lips. It's every girl's vanity staple now. After the Electro pop range they added new variant to the baby lips range - Maybelline Spiced Up Baby Lips. I will be reviewing Berry Sherbet and Tropical Punch from this range.

Product claims :
Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up has been introduced in three exotic variants; Berry Sherbet, Tropical Punch and Spicy Cinnamon. These variants have been tailor made for Indian consumers only! Swipe to Spice up your life!
Baby Lips Spiced Up not only gives your lips the moisture it needs but also have deeper shades to suit Indian skin tones, stronger flavors to suit Indian tastes. 12 hours of intense moisture and enriched with SPF 20 to protect your lips.

Price : Rs. 175/- for 4gms.

Ingredients List:  Not mentioned

My Experience : 
Maybelline Spiced Up Baby Lips comes in same old packaging of baby lips, outer tube is colour coordinated and carries the shade name. The balm is retractable and have cap which shuts tightly. Nothing fancy about packaging.

The Tropical Punch is a beautiful bright pink shade on multiple swipes. It is not as pigmented as Berry Sherbet.

Whereas Berry Sherbet is brownish - red in colour on multiple swipes. It looks much dark in the tube but gives a nice subtle tint to the lips.

It has got amazing aroma which is unique for this range and is quite tempting. These shades are good for those 'no - lipstick' days. Doesn't cover the pigmented lips but who expects that from a lip balm. Has got SPF20 which is a boon. The texture is quite smooth and doesn't feel heavy on lips. Claim of 12 hour moisture is not true it just last for 2 hour and later needs reapplication. Who cares about that. The product is so amazing, it's a must buy.

Pros :

1. Affordable and easily available. 
2. Travel friendly. 
3. New range to suit Indian complexions.
4. Contains SPF 20.
5. Gives beautiful tints to the lips.
6. Provides moisture for 2 hours.
7. Doesn't feel heavy on lips.

Cons : 
1. Same old packaging. 
2. 12 hours of moisture claim is not true.

Rating : 4.7 / 5.

To Sum Up :
Maybelline Spiced Up Baby Lips in shade Tropical Punch and Berry Sherbet comes in twist up packaging, having sweet aroma and beautiful colour providing tint to lips which are solely for Indian skin tones. Overall it's a must have in vanity.

Untill then Bye!!

 P.S : PR sample. Honest review and non - biased.


  1. All 3 shades in this range is good. My favourite is Spicy cinnamon.

  2. I liked the spiced up version cause of its pigmentation...though they all are good my fave shade is berry sherbet :)