Hi,   A kickstart to your day can occur with a dose of freshness which can be done by a cup of tea, to relax and rejuvenate from within. ...

The Transformation By Tetley Green Tea!

November 17, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 1 Comments

  A kickstart to your day can occur with a dose of freshness which can be done by a cup of tea, to relax and rejuvenate from within. It gives you a feel of 5 minutes vacation of freshness on your busy mornings. In this modern lifestyle, where everyone thinks about healthy lifestyle, even a cup of tea matters. When you think of tea, first thing healthy strikes your mind is 'Green tea'. Green tea has got loads of healthy benefits. In our busy lives we are constantly exposed to pollution, stress and unhealthy eating habits. Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants completely detox your body - cleanse your body from within. That's said, when it comes to green tea, the first brand which comes to my mind is "Tetley Green Tea."

  Tetley is one of the primary manufacturers of tea in the world. Catering to international needs of over 40 countries. The green tea industry has seen a dramatic surge in the recent years and Tetley has been on the forefront, often being credited as a pioneer for introducing green tea to the Indian consumer. Their programmes are quite inspiring and motivating like ‘Cleanse from Within (Inside Wala Snaan)’ approach which is all about promoting wellness as a way of life.
  To invoke more health awareness, Tata Tetley has launched a new web series “The Transformation." Tetley Green Tea in association with Jossbox.com announces The Transformation, which is sponsored by Tetley Green Tea and produced by Jossbox.com. It is one of a kind reality web series that will follow 19 contestants from varied backgrounds as they go from fat to fighting fit, achieving their fitness goals and transforming their lives from the inside out. It is a webseries like no other where there are 19 contestants, 1 goal and a whole lot of adrenaline! The Transformation brings together people of different ages from different walks of life, all with different motives, as they train hard, eat right and change their lives as they go from unfit to athlete level fitness.

  The show will feature 12 episodes and takes place over 12 weeks at Bangalore’s state of the art Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force, a martial arts gym and a functional fitness training centre owned by third generation Singaporean, ex-boxer and soldier, Austin Prakesh. Over 12 weeks, you’ll have ringside seats as 19 contestants compete in a race to take charge of their lives, all united by one common goal – to go from fat to fighting fit.

  In addition to grueling workouts at Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force where they will be trained under martial arts experts from around the world in the schools of boxing, kickboxing and jiu jitsu, all under the watchful eyes of Austin Prakesh, contestants will also learn how to eat right and incorporate holistic changes into their lifestyles that will result in achieving their long term fitness goals.
Contestants will be eliminated through exciting group and individual challenges, which will culminate in one male and one female winner in the series finale.
This is where lives will change.
Welcome to The Transformation!

  Tune in to the first episode on October 14th on TheTransformation.in which feature a host of contestants, including restaurant critics, makeup artists, radio jockeys and musicians, all competing with one goal in mind: to achieve athlete level fitness, change their lives and, ultimately, to win a Rs. 1 lakh cash prize.

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