Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz Leave-in Cream Review!

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Contributor : Yasha Tomar.

Hello beautiholics!
    Hope you all are doing well. One of the biggest problem for every woman starts with the changing weather and trust me I have been through that sorrow too. Managing wavy, frizzy and unmanageable hair is a one fine problem from which every woman have suffered and during the climate change, our hair go through alot of rough and tough conditions.
  Change of whether usually take away the nourishment and moisture which lets your hair look dull, damaged, frizzy and lifeless.
I have really thick, long, wavy and frizzy hair and at last I found the truemate for my hair BBLUNTCLIMATE CONTROL ANTI FRIZZ LEAVE IN CREAM.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!

  I am using this products from months and to be precise I am using it from last nine months and it's really effective. This product have provided me pleasing results and is worth trying for everyone out there because at some point of our lives, everyone have to suffer with unmanageable and frizzy hair.

So here I begin my review. Enjoy ladies!

Name of the Product : Bblunt climate control anti-frizz leave-in cream

Price : 450 INR.

Quantity : 150 grams.

Available : Availability on online stores and for offline at drugstores and cosmetic shops.

Shelf Life :  Best before 24 months from the manufacturing date

Key Ingredients : Hydrolyzed keratin, Quinoa with 8 essential amino acids and provitamins B5.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!

Product Claims : 
  This versatile cream ensures your hair looks great, however, hot or cold, dry or humid it gets out there. It enhances natural movement , smoothens and leaves you in charge, whatever the weather.
Specially created for Indian hair.
Protects from the environment and heat styling damage**.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review! 
Directions for Use : 
  Works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly focusing on mid-lengths and ends, keeping away from the scalp.
Avoid the crown area.

My Experience : 

Packaging :
  I must must say, the packing of this bblunt product is what attracted me so much. It comes in a pump style sturdy packaging. You are supposed to twist the nozzle of the bblunt product from 0 to 1 as shown in the picture to make the pump work. Each pump fetch you appropriate amount of this cream based product for a single strand of the hair. The product is quite heavy to carry in a purse but it fits absolutely perfect in a large handbag.

  One thing I liked about this product is that all essential details are mentioned in the label, that is from manufacturing date to all directions of how to use it.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review! 
Texture :
  The texture of this product is really creamy, and pearl white in color just like an ordinary conditioner but it does not make your hair look greasy and oily despite being a cream based product unlike other leave on conditioners. The cream is pretty runny in consistency but that's absolutely fine.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!
  For me, this product genuinely works as it minimizes the frizz from my hair to the level best it can and conditions the hair with it's key ingredients. It helps in heat retreating and moistens the hair to it's level best without making your hair look greasy and oily. The product is strongly scented which may smell like a flower. Those who are sensitive towards perfumes and scents, they may feel irritated but for me, the smell of the product is lovely. It adds lovely and noticeable volume, shine, softness, control frizz and keeps hair more in shape which makes hair easily manageable and presentable. It can be used as a serum to provide nourishment and protection to hair if used before heat styling. It's all I need for my hair to look good, nourished and bouncy.

Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!

Staying Power :
This product eliminates the frizz and initially after applying this bblunt product, my hair stays in it's place like that till my hair completely dries and maybe a little bit longer. My natural movement of the hair may change soon but the frizz stays completely eliminated for two to three days after the head wash if not left hair open. In the case of hair left open, it stays frizz free for a day. The scent of this product also lasts till the hair gets completely dried, so that's a good thing for perfume or scent sensitive people. It effectively works just as described and proclaimed by the bblunt and it  works lovely on Indian hair. One thing I noticed while using this product is that my hair breakage have reduced to almost nil as it works as a detangler too.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!

Pros :
1. Conditions and moistures hair.
2. Protect hair from climate conditions and heat damage.
3. Works as a detangler.
4. Worth the price.
5. Nice and attractive packaging

Cons :
1. Heavily scented which may irritate sensitive people.
2. Not a really go to product for extremely dry hair.
Bblunt Climate Control Anti-frizz
Leave-in Cream Review!
Rating : 
Packaging : 5/5
Texture :4/5
Efficiency : 4.5/5
Value for money : 4/5
Smell : 5/5

Overall Rating : 4/5

To Sum up :
Bblunt climate control anti frizz leave-in cream is a worth buying product for everyone as it works in all ways. It's a multitasking product which control frizz, detangles your hair and leaves your hair looking lovely with alot of moisture and nourishment locked in it without any greasy or oily look. For me this is all I needed for my hair in one product. So and grab one for yourself.

Take care everyone! Happy winters!

Hey beautiholics!
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