Hey Beauties!    I am having hectic days but still loving to share my reviews with you all. It's been long that I didn't do a bas...

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review!!

December 11, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 2 Comments

Hey Beauties!
   I am having hectic days but still loving to share my reviews with you all. It's been long that I didn't do a basic product review, which is a must have for every girl and which can be found in every girl's bag. Guess what? You guessed it right, it's our favourite kajal and now it's from Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal. Let's see how it fared.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review! 

Price : Rs.175.

Product Claims :
 Kajal helps to enhance your eyes and changes the way your face appears. Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is specially formulated to make your eyes look more beautiful.
Smooth texture of the kajal easily glides on waterline and lids.With just a single swipe you will get the desired look for your eyes.Kajal does not smudge or melt and stays on for long time.With good quality pigmentation this kajal has darker shade.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review!
My Experience:
  Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal comes in red colour twist up khol pencil which is different from regular boring black colour pencils and it makes easy to locate it in our vanity with loads of such khol pencils. In dye course of time the cap gets tight and you need to be careful while applyingextra force to pull it out. Considering the price tag, it is affordable. Kajal is such product which everyone loves to wear it anytime and anywhere and we are in such search of kajal which stay put all day in our eyes without making racoon eyes at the end of day. Even my search for kajal is on and I am yet to find such kajal.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review!

  FacesMagnet Eyes Kajal has  very dark pigmentation. Single swipe is enough to show on upper lash line, But on waterline you need to use several strokes and it tends to water my eyes while applying and I hate that, So girls from sensitive eyes better stay away from this, as multiple swipes might cause discomfort. The khol is creamy and smooth in texture, which makes it easy to apply and convenient to wear everyday. It is water proof and smudge proof to some extent. But on my waterline, it smudges a bit after sometime of application. It claims to be loaded with antioxidants and minerals. Staying power is average. On my upper lash line, it stay for 5 to 6 hours. But on my waterline it stays for 3 to 4 hours and smudges a bit.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review!
1. Affordable and easily available.
2. Different and decent packaging.
3. Appropriate pigmentation.
4. Water proof and smudge-proof to some extent.
5. Dermatologist tested.
6. Loaded with antioxidant and minerals.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review! 

Cons :
1. Caps gets tight during course of time.
2. Needs several strokes on waterline.
3. Water eyes while applying on waterline.
4. Smudges on waterline after sometime.

Rating : 3.7/5.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal Review!

To Sum up :
   Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is affordable and comes is red twist up pencil kohl and have appropriate pigmentation. It is great for upper lash line but girla having sensitive eyes like me, water eyes when applied on waterline. But, overall it's a decent kohl which can be tried.

What is your favourite kohl? Have you ever tried Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal? How did you find it?


  1. This one is in my trying list. I like the red color packing

  2. I have sensitive eyes but it did not sting them..i finished 3 of these and these are like my 2nd favorite after iconic ☺