December is a month of celebrations having Christmas, New Year etc. On these days staying at home with families and enjoying is outdat...

On This New Year Nightlife, Let's Celebrate Responsibly!

December 10, 2015 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

  December is a month of celebrations having Christmas, New Year etc. On these days staying at home with families and enjoying is outdated. In this modern urban world, everyone wants to go out and enjoy especially at night after their busy hectic day. Especially youth wants to hangout with friends and colleagues during whee hours of night enjoying and celebrating with full on party mode. Nightlife means entertainment in the night that is usually done by going to restaurants, bars, pubs, discos, restro - bars, musical concerts etc. Every third person in India celebrating nightlife is a youth. This has become a common routine, where the corporate culture is growing especially in metropolitan cities. For 90% of Indian youths, home is where nightlife is. For them it's crucial to have nightlife which is now considered as modern urban space. It's kind of rest after long day work for some. For some it's important factor in their choice of where they would want to live.


  Nightlife in India is diverse and growing and have always been young and fun filled. It is among the most craziest and entertaining nightlife worldwide. It has always been the biggest attraction for the nightlife lovers. Young men and women set the vibrancy and energy of the nation and this vibrancy and diversity of the country are mostly reflected by its nightlife these days. Night clubs, bars, discos and musical concerts etc. these spots serves loads of entertainment, fun and relaxation. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur etc. are favourite hotspots for having exotic and funfilled nightlife, you will find everything from intimate bars and pubs, to multi-level nightclubs. These metro cities of India promise you a blend of happening party scene with a variety to suit everyone's taste, where some cities are known for their scenic charm and vibrant festivals, others for their enthusiastic nightlife which comprises of themed parties, pubs and restaurants etc. A good nightlife is also a part of today’s Gen Y  and they are fond of it. Those interested in traditional will find lots of cultural performances even. There's everything for everyone.


  Having nightlife has got it's own advantages like it attracts tourism, increase in business, making it versatile city and generate employment. But it has got disadvantages too. There is an ugly downside to it. People take alcohol too much and starts behaving badly. They get out of control and either blabber in nonsensical or gets violent or does damage. Some may even drink and drive leading to lots of road - traffic accidents. Some cities became pretty unsafe for women which leads to crimes. So let's stop all these embarrassing things and let's celebrate responsibly. It can be done by limiting the drink, taking appropriate enough food along with drink, making arrangements of dropping guests to home if your host or booking a cab for home etc.

Night is yours for making, so Live Responsibly, Celebrate Responsibly!

 Disclaimer : This blogpost is for audience above 25 years of age.

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