Hi!   After becoming a new mother, I was learning many things which was new and making me more responsible, out of which one was havin...

Drink Pure, Eat Pure, Live Pure with New Pureit Ultima RO+UV with Oxytube!

January 25, 2016 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

  After becoming a new mother, I was learning many things which was new and making me more responsible, out of which one was having clean, safe and pure drinking water. 'Safe' sounds bit weird here but we tend to neglect it. Apart from clean and pure, drinking water must be safe too. Safe from what? That's the first thing that click our minds. Not just from germs, bacteria, viruses, it should also be safe from some harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, nickel etc. which are harmful to body leading to various health diseases. In our medical profession, we have been taught to have clean and pure drinking water, but we get confused how to do that. These days boiling is just not enough to drink pure, more has to be done. There are various technologies around to give safe water like reverse osmosis  (RO), ultrasonic, ultraviolet light etc. There are many purifiers having these technology. But when you get a purifier having both reverse osmosis RO + ultraviolet light UV technology along with oxytube which not only purify your water but also your fruits, vegetables etc. then your search stops here. It is Pureit Ultima RO + UV with Oxytube.

Why Pureit? 
  The age old method of boiling tap water which contains impurities is not enough as it's not effective in removing all the harmful substances present in the water leading to various health problems. Keeping all that in mind Pureit came up with more advanced process which purifies water by reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light, which can be done by having reverse osmosis filter with activated carbon filters, moreover making it cost effective. By the process of RO and UV, one can easily get rid of all the harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals such as iron rust and toxic carcinogens. To feel the difference, switch to Pureit today!

Pureit Ultima RO + UV with Oxytube:
  It is a revolutionary technology which have both RO + UV with Oxyblast technology which purify your water and even makes your fruits and vegetables up to 15X purer. It has got premium device looks and features which include Purity Indicator, Neon flash belt, Guided Alert System, Advanced 6-stage Purification, 100% RO and UV, Large water storage capacity etc. Oxyblast technology in it makes fruits and vegetables purer which will be 15X more purer than any method. It is the latest technology. Now don’t just purify your water, make your food free from toxins too. There is a way to ensure purity of your fruits & vegetables too with Pureit’s new Oxyblast Technology.

Check out the best purifier with 'Safest Technology' and 'Latest Features' now and book the free home demo before buying it for your satisfaction. Keep worries of your hygienic water and fruits, vegetables at bay with Pureit Ultima RO + UV with Oxytube. 

Drink Pure, Now Eat Pure, Live Pure!

(Disclaimer : For adults aged 25-35 years. “The views expressed here are solely that of the author in his private capacity and is no way represent the views of the company or the brand.")

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