Hello Chickas!    When it's a month start, I get excited alot because it will be time to My Envy Box. Now it's not just month, it...

My Envy Box January 2016 - A Bang Start To New Year!

January 28, 2016 Dr. Farhat Sultana 3 Comments

Hello Chickas!
   When it's a month start, I get excited alot because it will be time to My Envy Box. Now it's not just month, it's New Year beginning too I was genuinely happy and eagerly waiting for My Envy Box this time, as it never fails to awe me every month with all the luxurious beauty products samples, deluxe and full sized products. I was at my In-laws place, but when my brother came and handled me a box, I was thrilled and excited to open it. This was sole reason I am bit late with the post. Let's open the box and see what happines awaits, which let's you decide it to subscribe for next month. Hold your breath dearies. Time to unravel it here.

My Envy Box January 2016!

If you doesn't know what is My Envy Box, here a brief description about it once again.

About My Envy Box :
My Envy Box is the leading discovery commerce platform. We are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market.We are based out of New Delhi. We have three sections in this website:
The Envy Box: Each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products.
Content: Learn about the latest product and trends in beauty from our beauty experts at Elle magazine and our in-house beauty experts.
Shop: When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from the Boutique.

Price : Rs. 850/- for 1 month.
Subscribe your box Here.

My Experience :
  My Envy Box January 2016 comes in beautiful dark blue coloured box bearing brand insignia in gold with the beautiful new year wishes engraved on it. Happy New Year My Envy Box. It has got 2 full sized and 3 sample sized products and a card bearing all the details of the products. Every month new colour box with new style, it doesn't fail to impress me and add more beauty to my vanity with all these colourful boxes as organisers.

My Envy Box January 2016!

Products I Got :
1. Mantra Kokkum Butter and Pistachio Winter Care Lotion (Full sized product, 100ml for Rs. 493/-) :
  I loved it when I get full sized products in my boxes. It's like a treat always. This moisturiser has goodness  of kokkum butter, almond oil, pistachio where it claims to give smooth, younger looking skin for dry skin. A must product to try this winter.

My Envy Box January 2016!

2. O3+ White Day Cream (Sample sized, 2×10ml each.) :
  Previously I got O3+ product and I loved it. This cream claims to reduce skin pigmentation and enhance skin tone and have UVA and UVB which protectsfrom sun tan.

My Envy Box January 2016!

3. L’Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Lychee Lust 911 (Full sized, Rs. 475/-) :
  Again a full sized product that too a makeup item. That makes me more happy ☺. L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss is a Balm and Gloss in crayon packaging. I loved the moisturised balmy feel to the lips and the shine it provides.

My Envy Box January 2016!

4. Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash (Sample sized.) :
   It has got beautiful packaging. I got a wooden box which enclosed a small glass jar with cork which contains the face wash enriched with Vitamin-C, Rose petals, Oats etc. which promise to cleanse, protect and tone skin.

My Envy Box January 2016!
5. Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Women (Sample sized. ) :
   I always wanted to try Calvin Klein perfumes. Now the wish is full filled. It is been signed by perfumerAnn Gottlieb and has got fruity floral fragrance which is now my favourite.

My Envy Box January 2016!

Overall, I am totally smitten by the My Envy Box January 2016. It's a good start to new year. Loved all the products in it which has got 2 full sized products equivalent to the amount paid for the box. So girls, it's worth it.

My Envy Box January 2016!

Go and grab it, if you haven't got one.
Till then bye!



  1. The L'Oreal lip crayon looks wonderful.

  2. I got exactly same peoducts...loved the pictures :)

  3. Looks like My Envy Box made your new year beginning a happy one. Full size make up in subscription box, what else a subscriber wants!