Must Have Essentials For Your Summer Beauty Bag!

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Picture this: You spent almost an hour in front of your mirror getting ready and putting on various beauty products on your face. You have a final look in the mirror to check if everything is spot on and then leave your house. It’s been only some minutes you have stepped outside and you can already feel the sweltering heat melting makeup off your face. You rub your eyebrows in an irritating motion and are disgusted to see some eyebrow powder transferred on your finger. In short, everything is a mess. Now what to do? Well if you had a makeup bag well equipped with beauty essentials, you would not fret. This is why it is vital for you to stock on some beauty products and always keep them with you in your makeup bag to tackle emergency situation. Here is a list of those beauty products:
Wet facial wipes :
Wet facial wipes top this list and are a must have even for the women who don’t put on makeup. It may be the heat making your face sweat like a pig. Or it may be the rain playing a spoil sport on your face and making your non-waterproof mascara run down, wet facial wipes will rescue you out of such bad situations. Make use of Nykaa coupons buy them at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.
Must Have Essentials For Your Summer Beauty Bag!


Wishlist Wednesday From Dresslink.com!

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Hola Beauties!
  I started a new topic - Wishlist where I can share about the list of products I wish for and would love to see in my wardrobe. I started this niche with the most popular site Dresslink.com which stocks affordable, appealing products. 
Wishlist Wednesday From Dresslink.com!


Freedom Makeup London Pro Decadence Rock & Roll Queen Palette Review & Swatches!

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Hello Beauties!
 I am totally obsessed with eye makeup these dsys and always in hunt of good eyeshadow palette. In India we have less brands which have good palettes till now but now Maybelline came up with beautiful nude palette and I am yet to try that. But before it release, I was browsing for good quality eyeshadow palette and was introduced with this new brand called Freedom Makeup and the moment I saw it's palettes, I didn't give second thought to it and bought it for myself. Here comes my first review and swatches of eyeshadow palette - Freedom Makeup Pro Decadence Rock & Roll Queen Eyeshadow Palette. Was my impulsive buy worth or not? Do check out.
Freedom Makeup London Pro Decadence
Rock Roll Queen Palette Review & Swatches!


Best Travel Destinations In India!

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  If you are passionate about travelling and keep on looking for leisure moments in your busy schedule, visit online travel sites to get more idea about the national and international trips. In these sites, you can easily plan your holiday, where you can include the details of transport, check out per head expenses, hotel rooms, within trip travel expense, activity expenditures and much more. These sites are ideal for those, who want a great travel advice. Not only that, the offerings that the sites have to give are lucrative, time saving and easy to access.


NELFusa Gel Eyeliner - Black Review & Swatches!

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Hello Beautiholics!
  I am still a novice when it comes to eye makeup. The hardest thing for me is to apply perfect winged eyeliner. I started with pencils first then liquid eyeliners, but had tough times to master it, then I came to know that gel liners are easy to apply and can be mastered easily. When NELFusa Gel Eyeliner - Black came in my mail, I was the most happiest person and didn't waste time to try this. Read on more whether it was an easy job to apply? Whether it was up to it's claims?

NELFusa Gel Eyeliner - Black Review & Swatches!


New Himalaya Herbals Premium Skincare Range Creams Review!

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Hola girls!!
Eveyone have their own favourite brand, one of mine is Himalaya Herbals. Since the day I have been introduced to this brand, I am completely addicted as been affordable it also give good results. Not just me, even my mother loves it's products. The moment I was sent these products, I was jumping as these are premium skin care cream and I was in need of it. Stay tuned for all the details.

New Himalaya Herbals Premium Skincare Range Creams Review!