Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To Flush Out Body Toxins!

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Hi Lovelies!
  How have you been all? Since I delivered my baby, I have been struggling with my weight issues and have been feeling tired and low everytime. 8 months passed away and no improvement, I was sulking so much, that's when Cleanse High knocked my door and asked me to try their juice detox. I had no clue what detox was, I did a quick research on that and said yes to it because I don't want to miss opportunity to reactivate myself and start my journey to weight loss. Read more to know about detox, Cleanse High and how it helped me with weight loss journey.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!

About Cleanse High :
wisdom “you are what you eat” CLEANSE HIGH was found in 2013.
Cleanse High is driven by the idea that you shouldn’t have to put your busy life on hold just to feel healthier. A practical, accessible system for organ cleansing, that rests our body from over-indulgence was designed. It became an instant addiction!
Our detox program is designed to revive and restore your system’s integrity by supplying it with the vitamins and minerals it needs. We celebrate the pure life force of our handcrafted elixirs that are delicious too.
At Cleanse High, we are committed to collective health and well-being.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
Regimes :
1. Seeker : 1 Day Regime -
Perfect for the "never ever skipped a meal in my whole life" kind of a person.
A day-long detox, every week as a means of purification and self-discipline, stretches way back in time of Yogis, to cleanse ad thus rejuvenate the body. We recommend this to anyone joining the first detox ever band wagon, or even just as a weekly cleansing routine. It goes down easy and is alkalizing & refreshing.
2. Sage : 3 Days Regime -
A ritual of deep rejuvenation to feel new.
At the end of this regime you will discover mental clarity, experience boosted energy, cleaner organs and realize what it feels like to feel good from inside!
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
4. Nirvana : 6 Days Regime -
A holistic reboot with nourishing tonics and a guided food plan.
During this extended fast, your body removes: dead, dying and diseased cells; unwanted fatty tissue, acids, toxic waste matter in the lymphatic system, bloodstream, spleen, liver and kidney.
A perfect teamwork of liquids & solid foods to promote a stronger immune system. Nourish with just the right foods.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
Price :
1) Seeker : 1day (8 juices for a day) ; Rs 1260.
2) Sage : 3days (8 juices delivered for 3 days) ; Rs 3750.
3) Nirvana : 6 days. (8 juices for 3 days) +  (6 juices for remaining 3 days, they can have solid food during the last 3 days) ; Rs 6500.
Available : Check their website Here.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
My Experience :
 I wanted some inspiration to go on with healthy schedule as I am finding difficulty in loosing post delivery weight gain, that's when I got chance to try the detox for very first time and I said yes to it. As I was new to juice detox, I opted for 1 day regime - Seeker, as it's good for beginners and it let's your body adjust to the changing diet. I ordered it a day before I planned the detox.
There was some Pre-Cleanse steps to follow :
1. Reducing alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, dairy, meat, sweets and processed foods.
2. Complete dinner by 8pm and drink 500ml of water before sleeping.
It was simple enough to follow all these.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
  I started my detox with time table given along with the bottles delivered on night before the detox day. I am used to fasting but still bit nervous to start it as it was totally a liquid diet whole day. Thankfully there were some cheats too if you felt any cravings, but I was determined and started it without any cheats at all. Some of cheats where few almonds, 1 hard boiled egg, grapes, apple, cucumber almost all are healthy enough.
Some of effects experienced during cleanse :
1. Headache
2. Bad breath
3. Bowel irregularity
4. Skin breakouts
5. Fatigue
6. Irritability.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
You can do yoga, deep breathing and dry brushing to enhance the cleanse.
I got 8 bottles for 1 day cleanse which included the following flavours -
It was ok gulping down the first bottle and the taste was good enough, but as the time passed, I was feeling very nauseating while drinking it and had hard time drinking, I was really determined to carry on this detox, So just finished the bottle in one go. Whole day I was having headache, nausea and bowel irregularity but that's the body way to detox the toxins. Of all, I loved the FRUIT JUICE much, it had good flavours of fruits blend together. As I am no tea person, tea flavour was bit unbearable for me. But these things differ from person to person.
After Effects of Cleanse High :
   After the detox with Cleanse High, I felt much difference in my body and mind. I felt relaxed, refreshing and had clearer mind. My issues with stomach has been resolved too. The nausea and headache was just during detox but it got vanished next day. I was worried about skin breakout, but didn't faced any such issues. In fact I felt my skin got renewed and fresh. I felt there was drop of half kg weight loss too.
Cleanse High - A Juice Detox To
Flush Out Body Toxins!
  Overall as claimed,  Cleanse High definitely had great impact on me to start a healthy lifestyle with flushing out all the toxins from my body. I felt energised too the next. It was a good experience to try juice detox and I will be doing such detox every month.
Take a break with loading your body with junk and try this detox. They ship in Hyderabad as of now.

Stay healthy, Stay beautiful. 



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Looks kinda nice one! But u have to try fasting first, will have to see can i really able to do it!??

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This is some serious stuff! I have had many health troubles in past couple of years and a serious detox regime is much needed for me, I should definitely look into this..Thanks for such detailed review :)