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Maybelline New York Fit me! Matte + Poreless Foundation Review and Swatches In The Shades 128 & 330!

March 24, 2016 Unknown 9 Comments

Hey beautiholics,

Wish you all a happy holi! May this festival of colours bring a lot of happiness, joy and prosperity to you and your family.

Finding a perfect foundation for your skin and skin tone at the same time is so not possible, but with this great launch from Maybelline New York have made my life so easy. The answer to all the problem related to foundation is Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation.  This product works absolutely perfect for all purposes, whether it’s a day out with friends, weekend party, dinner date or in daily use.

So here I begin with my review, enjoy!

Mybelline New York Fit Me! matte + poreless foundation review

Name of the productMaybelline New York Fit me matte + poreless foundation

Price - 525 INR

Quantity - 30 ml

Shelf life - claimed to be 36 months

Shades available - It is available in five shades i.e 115  ivory ivoire, 128 warm nude biege chaud , 230 natural buff, 322 warm honey, 330 carmel toffee. This product is available in various other shades as well but are not available in India.


Fit Me Matte + Poreless from Maybelline New York goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit.

While some foundations can exaggerate pores and oily skin, only our pore-minimizing foundation contains our genius blurring micro-powders that erase pores and absorb oil for a naturally Matte and Poreless-looking finish.

Dermatologist and allergy tested. Does not clog pores. Oil-free. Tone + texture-fitting foundation for the ultimate natural fit. Mattifies, erases pores and matches natural tone.
For Normal to Oily Skin.
Works best with other fit me products.

How to use product:-

Apply evenly to your face and blend with your fingers, sponge or a foundation brush.


Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + poreless foundation comes in a sturdy rectangular glass bottle and a black screw tight cap. The bottle being of glass make it not so travel friendly. There is no pump over the top of the bottle or at the nozzle which makes it slightly difficult to use as you cannot take a precise amount of foundation you want. It will be either too much or too less in amount each time you pour it in your hand for the application.
Other than these little problems, all the essential details like manufacture and expiry date, price, vital ingredients, how to use and etc are mentioned. Packaging of the foundation is ordinary like other commonly used foundations.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte + poreless foundation's packaging


TEXTURE- Texture is really creamy and blends very well with every skin type, creating a mattified look and leaving your skin unimaginably flawless, matte looking, natural & fresh, and actually pores minimized yet breathable skin. The texture is not runny and is slightly thick and non sticky. It is really easy to wear this foundation all the day as it feels very light on the skin and does not clog the pores. It looks absolutely natural and does not need touch up before 6-7 hours. The foundation is not heavy and suffocating on the skin. The only problem I find in this foundation is that it’s not moisturizing. If you have slightly drier skin than I would suggest you to apply a moisture before using it because it might highlight the dry patches on the skin.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte + poreless foundation swatches in the shade of 128 & 330

COVERAGE- The coverage is sheer to medium coverage but it 
covers all the scars, blemishes and dark spot that I have. After using this foundation I don’t feel like using a concealer as it provides good coverage to my skin. I like this foundation so much that instead of using a dark concealer to achieve a natural look, I use a darker shade ( 330 caramel toffee) of this foundation instead of a dark concealer. So, if you have a skin like me which doesn’t have really pigmented or dark scars or spots than this foundation is all in one. Face doesn’t look caked up in pictures and looks smooth to a great extend if you are wearing this foundation.
foundation before blending

after blending 

FINISH:- As claimed by Maybelline , the foundation provides a flawless mattified look. It blends well with the skin and matches with the skin tone wonderfully. It gives a soft glow to the face but when it comes to using mobile phones, it may get on your phone so you may need to set it with a compact or you can go with the compact from fit me range itself as it works brilliantly together.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte + poreless foundation review and swatches

STAYING POWER:- The foundation stays upto to 7  hours without any touch up if being precise and does not get caked up or greasy before this time. It stays at it’s place as it is before a touch up with the same matte look.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! foundation

·       Provides a matte look.
·       Blends well with the skin.
·       Works brilliantly with all types of skin and especially combined skin or oily skin.
·       Lovely range of shades which is well suited for Indian skin tones.
·       Stays upto 7 without touch up.
·       Great medium coverage.

·       No dispensary pump which makes it’s application difficult.
·       Maybe problematic for dry skin as it highlights dry skin patches on the face.
·       Only 5 shades are available in India.

Maybelline New York Fit Me! foundation

I would agree with all proclaim of the product. It gives a matte finish look without getting oxidised, minimizes the pores like they just vanished. It provides a medium coverage and blends well. It gives a natural look, ultra-breathable skin and matches the skin tone well.

Packaging: 2.5/5
Texture: 4.5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Finishing: 4/5
Staying power: 5/5

Overall rating: 8/10

Did try out this amazing foundation yet. If not then hurry up and go grab one for self!

#muchlove to all xoxo! 


  1. I wanted to get my hands on this so bad but they do not go well on dry skin you are saying. I have dry skin. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I too have dry skin @lifewithherbal but I am so in love with this product that use a mild moisturizer before starting with it and then this foundation works like magic. Thanks love for the view 😘

  2. I've got the sun beige shade and I totally love it :)

  3. I've got the sun beige shade and I totally love it :)

    1. absolutely ragini dhiman! it is a lovely product and available in beautiful shades that is suitable for Indian complexion. thanks for the love and support love :*

  4. Nice review Yasha.. I am very impressed with the staying power of this foundation :)

    1. Thank you so much Anjali. Love yasha ❤

  5. I have not yet tried this..

  6. You can go ahead with trying this on :)