Dry fruits And Their Benefits From Placeoforigin.in!

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  Dry fruits are basically dried form of fresh fruits either dried under sun or by dehydration process due to which some of the essential nutrients in it become more concentrated, so they are fully loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals in it. Dry fruits have a long history of food safety.
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Add A Hint Of Colour To Your Life With Beautiful Rangoli Designs!

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When I was small, I had bestie who use to draw patterns infront of her house along with her mother sometimes with only white coloured one or sometimes mostly on occasion colourful one. I was very much attracted and intrigued to know more about it and that day I came to know it's called Rangoli. Since then I am so much attracted with it, I wanted to learn myself and wanted to know more about it.
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Juicy Chemistry Coffee & Green Tea Infused Under Eye Cream Review!

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Hey Beautiholics,

How are you all? Dealing with your skin on daily basis is quite challenging and specially the under eye area. Be you of any complexion, dark circles are a thing which annoy everyone equally. These days eliminating those dark circles from our life is almost impossible for most of us. Whether you are a working woman, homemaker or a student, our busy schedules just welcome those dark circles. For me, dark circles are my enemy because like all youngster, I too have a habit of partying till late, late night studies, using lots of electronic devices and off course unfortunately unbalanced diet due to busy days.

Being the under eye area to be more sensitive, you can not experiment with all kinds of products, and so I found out something which is gentle to your skin and eyes and 100% natural as well. JUICY CHEMISTRY  have bought you this magical under eye cream which works like miracle i.e JUICY CHEMISTRY COFFEE & GREEN TEA INFUSED UNDER EYE CREAM.

Juice chemistry coffee & green tea infused under eye cream review!


BBLUNT Back To Life DRY SHAMPOO For Instant Freshness Review!

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Hope you all are doing well in your daily life and enjoying this season of sun as well. For all, summer means vacations, beaches, water sports, bright clothes, and this enjoyment is sometimes interrupted with messy, smelly, oily hair and sweaty and itchy scalp. Washing your hair everyday is not always the best solution, infact it takes away the natural oil and moisture of your hair and scalp, leaving them dry and more vulnerable to the sun. So here I  suggest you ladies, "the wonder thing"and that is a dry shampoo. Recently I started to search for a dry shampoo and after trying three products I decided to stick to this Bblunt dry shampoo, I bought seven days back. If you are a person like me who is indulged into lots of water sports like swimming and love to keep your hair untied without making them too dry than check out the BBLUNT BACK TO LIFE DRY SHAMPOO FOR INSTANT FRESHNESS.



Advantages Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery!

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  With it's recent increase in popularity, millions of people, both male and female, undergo cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery every year. Almost everyone these days getting plastic surgery done. Modern plastic surgeons can alter almost any aspect of physical appearance, from facial features to body shape. While some cosmetic surgery is done for medical reasons, such as reconstructing facial features after an accident, many other procedures are voluntarily done like most popular ones are breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuction, nose job etc. It is often quoted as beauty is skin deep, but we are really fortunate that technology is giving us opportunity to modify our appearances and make us beautiful both inside as well as outside. For today's world society where appearance matters alot, cosmetic surgery plays a vital role. Some of the advantages of having cosmetic surgery is as follows :


New Himalaya Herbals Premium Lip Care Range Review!

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Hello Beauties!
I am back with another review from Himalaya Herbals, which always come up with new launches every time, last was there premium skin care range. Check out the review of it Here. Now is the lip care range. In summer lip balm is necessary for dried lips and Himalaya came up with amazing flavours, in it there is everything for everyone. Stay tuned to know more..
One of my friend lips was always rough and she tried many lip balms and was tense about her lips. I said to her about Himalaya Herbals Lip Balms and when she uses her lips got soft.mNow these lip balms are now her favourite.
New Himalaya Herbals Premium Lip Care Range Review!


Chambor Silver Shadow Compact in RR5 Noisette Review!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 3 Comments A+ a-

Hello Everyone!
  I have been in search of good compact lately and got my hands on brand Chambor. I read it's good and wanted to try myself. So, today I am reviewing Chambor Silver shadow powder compact in shade 'RR5 Noisette'.
Chambor Silver Shadow Compact in RR5 Noisette Review!


Jovees Avocado Revitalising Night Cream Review!

Sunday, 17 April 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to review Jovees Avocado Revitalising Night Cream. This cream claims to increase suppleness and a more toned skin in the morning. I have been using it for a month now and here is what I think about all these claims.

Jovees Avocado Revitalising Night Cream Review!


DIY - Do It Yourself Best Tan Removal Body Scrub!

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Hey girls...
My today's review is a D.I.Y tutorial showing you all how to remove tan from ur body easily without making a hole in your pocket. Nowadays markets are flooded with body scrubs which claims to do more but do nothing. The homemade body scrub which I will be sharing today works wonders for your skin, without making you spent or I can say waste your precious penny for the products available in the market which are loaded with chemicals. Traveling, holiday, roaming around flea markets, walking through the road side streets; all these are great fun to do. And fun comes along with sun tan, dust, skin darkening, skin dulling and tanning too. 
DIY - Do It Yourself Best Tan Removal Body Scrub!


Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome - A New Threat At Hair Salons!

Friday, 8 April 2016 5 Comments A+ a-

Hi Lovelies!
   The post title might scare you but breathe down, I came up with such problems encountered lately which is rare but can't be ignored as well. You might have heard many things getting wrong at beauty parlour, like getting a bad haircut, breaking out after having facial, makeup going wrong etc. But this thing is completely different from all these minor issues. When I read this I was completely shocked and thought to share with you guys as well - Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome - A New Threat At Hair Salons!
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Iralzo.com - One Stop Shop For Every Style Savy!

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Iralzo.com - One Stop Shop For Every Style Savy!

Hi Beauties!
   My love for shopping never ends. With this sweltering summers in Hyderabad, I started wearing scarves whenever I go out to protect from sun and it's harmful rays and moreover it add style to your dressing. As usual I don't want to go out for shopping under this burning sun and started with online shopping spree for scarves and want something different from usual online site and was searching for new website, this landed me on Iralzo.com. To my luck they do stock apparels and accessories too. Read more to know about the Iralzo.