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  Dry fruits are basically dried form of fresh fruits either dried under sun or by dehydration process due to which some of the essential nutrients in it become more concentrated, so they are fully loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals in it. Dry fruits have a long history of food safety.
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   Dry fruits can be opted as a great source of energy and fibre,but should be eaten in moderation as they contain significantly more calories per serving than fresh fruits offer. It also
also provide stamina before exercise, thereby are often recommended by fitness experts, that  before hitting  the gym, he/she should munch on a handful of nuts and almonds, as the nuts help in increasing metabolic rates. Some of dry fruits includes cashew nut, hazelnuts, figs, almonds, walnuts, anjeer, badam, pine nuts, cranberries, ajwa dates, stuffed dates, raisins etc. They have high source of antioxidants even.
  Dry fruits don’t contain fat, cholesterol, or sodium, so they are good source of calories for people on diet or people having high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.
They have lots of benefits but getting the pure form of dry fruits gets harder these days as they are loaded with added sweeteners (sugar, corn syrup). Cherries, plums and cranberries, are available in the market with added sugar and sulphites - a kind of preservative that maintains colour. But Placeoforigin.in provides us the pure form of dry fruits.
   Placeoforigin.in is India`s first marketplace for specialty Indian foods, ethnic foods, regional specialities - all food products are sourced directly from the producer and delivered direct to the end-consumer. They provides varieties of range of dryfruits including cashew nut, hazelnuts, figs, almonds, walnuts, anjeer, badam, pine nuts, cranberries, ajwa dates, stuffed dates and other dryfruits.
About Placeoforigin.in :
  We all love great food. But getting great food requires great effort. Remote places. Cities we don’t frequently travel to. Inadequate baggage allowance. Standing in queues. Strict timings. Chaotic traffic. Impossible parking. Stockouts. Our objective? To get you easier access to these legendary foods.
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  Being keen travelers, and avid foodies, we have been fortunate to experience the culinary delights of our country. We understand the sheer joy that food can bring to our otherwise busy lives and thus Place of Origin is an attempt to bring to you the best of legendary food from the kitchens of the legends.

  Do check out the website for greater varieties of Indian food, ethnic food etc.

Stay healthy and Stay beautiful!



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