Hi Beauties!  Lately I have been very much concerned about my personal hygeine when my doctor prescribed me intimate wash for my recurr...

1m Intimate Cream Wash 3.5 From Ozone Ayurvedics Review!

May 07, 2016 Dr. Farhat Sultana 3 Comments

Hi Beauties!
 Lately I have been very much concerned about my personal hygeine when my doctor prescribed me intimate wash for my recurrent infections. Before I was lazy to use it but now I completely understood that personal hygiene is much important as cleanliness is essential part of healthiness. I was using Vwash intimate wash since long and I wanted to try something else apart from this. So I went for 1m Intimate cream wash from Ozone Ayurvedics.
1m Intimate Cream Wash Review!
Product Claims :
Reduces dryness, itchiness, soreness, burning, unpleasant odour and symptoms of vaginal discharge. It also restores the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus naturally found in the intimate area and significantly lowers your risk of vaginal infections.

Directions for Use :
  Apply 1m intimate cream wash on dry or wet skin of your intimate area. Rinse lightly during bathing if needed. As this is a water soluble cream with natural ingredients, you can rinse it off with water or leave it on the skin. Safe for everyday use.
1m Intimate Cream Wash Review1
Ingredients List :
1m Inimate Cream Wash Review!
Price : Rs. 138 for 100g.
Availability : It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc.

My Experience :
  1m intimate Cream Wash 3.5 comes white plastic tube with flip open cap. The details of the product is mentioned on the back of the tube. The cap shuts tight and is easy to carry in the bag. The cream is white in colour and thick in consistency but the texture is soft. A small pea size is enough to lather and it lather well. So single tube goes a long way.
 It has got pleasant floral fragrance to it which eliminates any odour. The fragrance fades away with wash. 
1m Intimate Cream Wash Review!
  I prefer using it on wet area and rinse away later on. It didn't dry away my area but gave me good feeling by eliminating odour and washing away well. I did have slight itching recently and it did relieved it to some extent. It lathers well and is great cream wash.
m Intimate Cream Wash Review!
Pro’s :
  1. Affordable and easily available.
  2. Pleasant floral fragrance.
  3. Lathers well.
  4. A pea sized amount is needed for single wash.
  5. It eliminates the odour and give a senseof cleanness.

Con’s :
  1. Some sensitive noses might doesn’t like fragrance.
1m Intimate Cream Wash Review!
Rating : 4.8/5.

My Final Thoughts : 
  1m intimate Cream Wash 3.5 from Ozone Ayurvedics is great intimate wash which gives a good sense of cleanness and as claimed eliminates the odour and irritation to some extend. Good for everyday use.

Will I Recommend : Yes! Do try this.

Have you tried any intimate wash? How was your experience?



  1. wow. this seems nice. And so affordable :)

  2. Such products are very essential. Thanks for reviewing this one, I would love to try..