New place, new home and new people. In between that my heart filled with different emotions like excitement, apprehension, surprise, wor...

Visiting Ooty Was My Memorable Yatra!

May 19, 2016 Dr. Farhat Sultana 4 Comments

  New place, new home and new people. In between that my heart filled with different emotions like excitement, apprehension, surprise, worried etc. complete mixed one. It was difficult to decide what I felt when. That's what happens when you are newly married and moving into your in laws house with your husband. Well everything was quite new - their living,  their routine everything. I was so terrified that time I was misfit between them. They all tried to make me comfortable but nothing worked.
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  I missed my home badly and wanted to get back to my bachelor life. Now you might be wondering that the topic is about my vacation but I am here spilling out my uneasiness and apprehensive state of been newly married. Actually that is the thing which makes this vacation very much special and memorable. Basically when bachelor we always think that been married we will get stuck with one single person whole life and we can never enjoy our life like the way we did now. I don't know about you but that was the reality of my thinking that time. So over all my uneasiness, my husband decided for honeymoon vacation, but that freaked me more. Funny, that time it was much more awkward for me to go with him alone as I never travelled with anyone except my family. I know! I know! I might be making it a drama over here, but that was sad reality. But I couldn't say no. So he wanted to spend lone time with me to make me comfortable and to know each other more well. I always wanted to visit a hill station, but as he got less leaves from office we couldn't plan for North. So we settled for something in South - The Beautiful Ooty.

  Everything was planned. We booked Spicejet Airlines to Bangalore and from there we went Ooty by bus. Our Flight schedule for morning and we left to Bangalore where we spend a few days visiting place like Wonderla, Lal bagh, Cubbon Park, HAL Aerospace Museum, Bannerghatta National Park, Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace.
   The place was amazing. I had great time there. Of all I loved the environment it was not as hot like my native place. After having fun and exploring places there we did a little shopping from Commercial Street even. Then next day in morning we left Ooty by bus. It was breath taking view while travelling and bit terrifying too with lots of loops and hairpin bends on road. That was main reason why we choosed bus for travelling. When we entered it was a beautiful must say most beautiful place I have come across in my lifetime. The weather was so beautiful with sun shinning but I can feel the cold fog in the air, when it touched your cheeks it gives you a relaxed feel. We booked cottage for ourselves and went exploring it. While our stay we went to places like Ooty Lake, Government Rose Garden, Doddabetta, Avalanche Lake, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Government Botanical Garden.
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  Amidst all these exploring we became comfortable with each other by knowing each other more and more, there was an invisible strong bond building between us during that time. Then I realised that I have enjoyed my life been bachelor but after marriage this life have become more beautiful with that one person you marry sharing with them everything you can. Now we can laugh together, enjoy together. So it's aptly said that 'Two Is Better Than One'.
  This was my most beautiful, memorable vacation/yatra. I would love to visit this place once again for reliving those moments together again.

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  1. I've been to Ooty like 4-5 times and still never bored of the place :) Awesome review, Farhat! Thanks for reminding me of those beautiful childhood memories of family trip to Ooty <3

  2. Ooty is in my wishlist since long... a lovely place for couples...

  3. Very well written Farhat. I have been there once when I was in class 3..but it seems just like yesterday..the memories are still so fresh..

  4. Ooty is one of the place which never escapes the mind of a traveller. Great experience dear, hope to have my own.