My Envy Box September 2016 Review!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 1 Comments A+ a-

Hello Chickas!
  Sorry for been MIA due to weddings and personal issues. Now, I am back again and will try to be regular now on. It was again unexpected that a box got delivered to my door step and I was excited because I love surprises a lot. The box was none other than My Envy Box September 2016. I am a loyal customer of My Envy Box since long and was happy to find that the brand sent me this time. So here I am again with the review of it. Stay tuned to find out what all products I got.
My Envy Box September 2016


Organic Harvest Hair Oil For Hair Strengthening Review!

Monday, 19 September 2016 1 Comments A+ a-

Hello Beauties!

  Today I am reviewing a hair strengthening oil for all of you. I have been suffering from hair loss for the last 8 months and when I got this hair strengthening oil, I was so excited to give it a shot so now please read further to know did it live up on my expectations or not.
Organic Harvest Hair Oil
for Hair Strengthening Review!


Bionova Novawhite Cream Review!

Thursday, 1 September 2016 4 Comments A+ a-

Hi Beauties!

There are many products in the market using the words and claims of whitening. I don’t support it at all and use to neglect them a lot. But since I came across this product, things have been changed for me. When I saw the word whitening I didn't bother to try it but when I had glanced at it claims written on the box and it's ingredients, then I was like this is the product I was looking for since ages and I just kept my insecurities aside and went ahead trying it. It's none other than Novawhite Cream From Bionova. Want to know how it fared me in solving my skin problems and whether it's true to it's claims or not, then read more.
Bionova Novawhite Cream Review!