Time have taken a very big leap. I am mother now for a beautiful naughty 1 year old son and a wife now for a loving man. I never imagine...

Best Friends Forever!

October 07, 2016 Dr. Farhat Sultana 1 Comments

  Time have taken a very big leap. I am mother now for a beautiful naughty 1 year old son and a wife now for a loving man. I never imagined I would come to this place and carry out all the responsibilities because I remember my friends saying me I was careless person. Now those friends see me with admiration and pride. Well things have changed as I have never expected. I have a happy married life but sometimes there is that gap and longing in my heart to go back to my bachelor life. This feeling just comes and goes away and doesn't stay for long as I get very busy with my daily life chores. 

  Not just me even my friends got busy in their own lives as we can't stop where we were together, we needed to move on and play our roles as it were destined. It is just a text or call that keeps us chained and attached and this text or call came once or twice a month that's it. That was only thing which connected us together and make us happy realising still we have our buddies attached together with us.
My responsibilities keeps me so much busy I sometimes forget my past and friends so much that I rarely remember them. I never realised that longing spot was still lingering much deep in my heart somewhere untill I happen to visit my college and hospital to get my conduct certificate for my job resume.

 The moment I entered the gates my heart stopped remembering how much I miss my college life and my dearest friends. I could barely breathe thinking about all the irrelevant, naughty, careless stuffs and things we did. Remembering about how dearest and closest they were to me. Remembering how much I miss them badly deep in my heart. As I pass that garden, I remember how we use to sit there for longer hours chatting and giggling about various talks which now seems so much childish, when remembered now brings smile on my face. It happened an incident that we were walking by that garden in drizzling rain and talking about my friend's crush and same moment he crosses us listening to all we were talking, we just ran from there embarrassed and laughed a lot till our stomach hurts. I can never forget this moment. It seems silly moment for others but for me it is a treasured one. Wherever we go, others use to say  is going.
 'Yaroon ki Baraat' is going.

I can't stop myself to visit our lecture hall, that's where is the place where we have spent most of our times studying, enjoying and having fun. We use to play 'truth and dare' in our boring classes. I use to doze off during the boring lecture and my friend use to poke me to wake me up or we use to listen to songs if it was boring lecture. The most memorable moments for me was that whenever we have lectures of strict professor and we need to talk, we use to scribble on the back of our notebooks and chat in that way. I treasured those pages with me. 

  How can I forget the time spent in library, studying whole day, dozing off in between the studies, referring new books and playing rapid fire questions in studies. Those sleepless nights during exams, those back to back chats on messages, forwarding funny, irrelevant jokes, birthday bash, class bunking, excursion etc. I can never get them back nor can I live them again, but it will be treasured forever in my heart and your friendship is locked forever with me. I have the best Yaar in my life who will stand for me no matter the situation or time. I am the most lucky person to have such supportive, non - judgemental, understanding friends in my life, who can turn any horrible day to the most beautiful day in my life.

A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you will never smile again!!

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