My Envy Box 3rd Anniversary October 2016 Review, Products & Price!

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Hello Beautiful Ladies!

   I hope you had blast Diwali yesterday. I can hear lots of crackers around my neighbourhood. It was so much bright like the day when I received my this month My Envy Box 3rd Anniversary October 2016. I am sorry for late review as I got my box day before yesterday and that too on my Hyderabad address. I need to update my new Bangalore address now. Well I wasn't expecting it, but it was beautiful festive gift for me. Thank you My Envy Box. So jumping on to the review :
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!
  My Envy Box is the leading discovery commerce platform. We are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market. We are based out of New Delhi. We have three sections in this website:
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

The Envy Box: Each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products.
Content: Learn about the latest product and trends in beauty from our beauty experts at Elle magazine and our in-house beauty experts.
Shop: When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from the Boutique.

PRICE : Rs. 850/- for 1 month.

AVAILABILITY : Subscribe your box Here.

 This month My Envy Box turns three and I congratulate My Envy Box team for completing three years of successful journey providing us with beautifully curated box full of surprise products. I was much elated to know that I received this month box but was sad that I couldn't get hold of it when this arrived. No worries, my brother will be getting it along while visiting me next week. So guys sorry for such pictures, please do bear it this time. It was taken by sweet little sister. I promise to show more good ones next month.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

   Well this month My Envy Box was in white coloured with geometrical patterns on it. There is contest going on where this white box have to be filled with beautiful colours and best one wins it. This month box does contains 8 products instead of 5, ***faints*** out of which 3 are last month's favourite. Isn't that exciting!!
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

1. AYCA Jasmine Body Wash (Deluxe size 100ml for Rs. 438.) :
   AYCA sounds new brand to me. A deluxe sized product. It is mild foaming gel cleanser loaded with Jasmine which moisturise the skin making it soft and smooth. Full sized product is 200ml for RS. 875.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

2. Forest Essential Facial Cleansing Paste (Deluxe size 15gm for Rs. 925.) :
   Trying Forest Essential products was in my wishlist since long and I am glad I got this in my box. It is said to have goodness of almond, pistachio, turmeric and honey. Full sized product is 30gm for Rs. 1850.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

3. Vert Loose Powder (Full size 10gm for Rs. 1250.) :
  This one is interesting as it is handmade loose powder from Vert, which is 100% natural and vegan. It is said to have fresh Rose petals and French clay in it. I am excited to try this out. A full sized product.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

4. Vichy White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam (Sample size 15ml for Rs. ,230.) :
   Another brand from my wishlist. Vichy is said to have good skincare products and when I saw it's cleanser, I was elated that finally I can try their product. That's the benefits of getting a subscription box, will get to try new product. Full size is 100ml for Rs. 1550.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

My Envy Box October Products!

5. Nertia Nail Art (1pack for Rs. 80.):
   I am not in to nail art much but this can be a good try for it. It is said to be a dry nail paint which doesn't smudge and last for a week. Well let's try this.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

6. Kérastase Chronologiste Fragrant Oil (Sample size vial.) :
  K√©rastase is amazing brand and I was introduced to it by My Envy Box only and tried their many products before which came in my previous boxes and loved it. High hopes from this one too.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

7. Hedonista Clear Moisturiser (deluxe sample size 50ml) :
   Let me just say that it is my absolute favourite HG moisturiser now. I have got this in my My Envy Box August month and since then I started using it. I was planning to get a full size in this one but now this one will be my backup. Hedonista products are my absolute favourite till now.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

8. Omorfee Lip Lightening Salve (Full size – 549 INR) :
   I got this in My Envy Box August month and Omorfee Lip Lightening Slave is very light on lips non greasy and gives smooth, soft lips. I love this one too.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

My Envy Box October Products!

   My Envy Box 3rd Anniversary October 2016 was a steal box of this month with 8 products, which are much to ask when we usually get 4 to 5 products. I absolutely love everything which I got in my box and it was worth every penny. As always My Envy Box made my month a happy ending month.
My Envy Box October 2016 Review!

Don't forget to get your next month box. I am too excited for November Box.

Your Beauty Fanatic!


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