Hey Beauty Nerds!    A highlighter restores the glow of your face and adds a natural, warm flush of pink! But a bad highlighter, however,...

Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review

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Hey Beauty Nerds!

   A highlighter restores the glow of your face and adds a natural, warm flush of pink! But a bad highlighter, however, does the opposite. It hides your natural glow and makes your face look dull. I started used highlighters only some time ago and I'm shocked with the professional results and how I'm able to highlight my sharp and special features.
I recently got the Lakme Face sheer in Desert Rose from a counter in a mall because trying out a highlighter by LAKMÉ should be fun, isn't it? I smell high expectations and results!

 Does it turn out to be as great as it sounds?
Without further ado, let's get to the review!
Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT : Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose.

PRICE :  375 INR (Price may vary)

AVAILABILITY : Available on Amazon, Flipkart and makeup outlets


Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review!
Twist and open the lid. Dab the sponge into the colour only for the required amount. Layer it according to your need and build up the look you desire. Best to use after makeup.

   I got this for myself from a Lakme counter last weekend along with my Lakmé Eye color.
Lakme offers Sheer Highlighter in three different shades – Earth Blaze, Sun Kissed and Desert Rose.
I got the Desert Rose Variant for it's coral, peachy shine.
Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review!
   The packaging of Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose must be the worst part of this highlighter. I've never complained about the packaging of most products, but this one is quite troublesome. So the outer packaging is quite simple, it has a tiny round mirror on one end and the details of the product on another.
When you open it, you see a sponge applicator that is to be pressed onto your skin and used to apply. However, the sponge applicator sometimes gets a whole lot of product out and sometimes, it doesn't, which causes uneven highlighting. It is also a big deal for me as you CANNOT clean the sponge unless you break it open which means it will stay unhygienic and prone to bacteria forever.
(Well, I broke mine) And when you do that, you'll be able to use this product with a brush.
Although the Packaging is quite travel friendly, I Don't recommend carrying this around as it may smear around and ruin your bag!
Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review!

   The consistency is smooth and you get a decent amount of product at once. The texture is fine and very easy to use. A tiny amount gives enough product to do both of your cheeks and nose. The shade 'Desert Rose' is as good as it sounds. It adds a peachy, coral glow to your face. It is perfect for most skin tones and adds warmth to your face. The fragrance of the product is the signature scent, it is a floral scent that is found in most Lakme products.

   The Desert Rose highlighter is very fine and has fine shimmery particles in it too that show up very well even on dark skin tones and adds a beautiful glow to the face.

The staying power is a decent 4-6 hours and after that it begins to fade away a little but it is one of the things that stays intact throughout.

  1. Highly Pigmented.
  2. Highlights very well.
  3. Suits most skin tones (even dusky skinned beauties).
  4. Pleasant scent.
  5. Easily available.
  6. Decent quantity.
  7. Gives a warm glow.

  1. Useless, unhygienic applicator.
  2. Inconvenient packaging.

IBN RATING: 3.5/5.
Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose Review!
   I have mixed feelings about Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose highlighter, On one hand, I'm bewitched by the lovely color payoff it has, the quantity and the perfect highlight it gives to complete my look.

   I recommend this to all those who want to try out a highlighter that does what it's supposed to.
A little warning for the packaging, though.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

Contributor: Samia Arshan.

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