Elle 18 Nail Pops in the Shade 26 Review!

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Hi Everyone,

   After a lovely spa day, my nails were looking beautiful and clean, so I thought, "Why not splurge on some nail paints?" So, the thing about nail paints is that they dry out or turn thick before they're finished. (That's the case with me) So, in a desperate attempt to get fabulous nails, I got this wonderful Elle 18 Nail Pops in the Shade 26.
Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT : Elle 18 Nail Pops in Shade '26'.

PRICE : Rs. 50.

AVAILABILITY : Available on Amazon, Nykka and other makeup outlets.

   Flaunt vibrant nails that look like they have just been through a pop manicure! The Elle 18 Nail Pops nail colour gives a glossy, fun colour to your nails and with so many shades of nail colours to choose from there is one for every mood and occasion! Buy your favourite, or maybe 2 right away!

   Apply a coat of your favourite Elle 18 Nail Pop all over your nails avoiding the outer edges and the surrounding skin

Nitrocellulose, Butyl Acetate & Ethyl Acetate
Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!

   I usually like to keep my nails natural, sometimes just a coat of nude or transparent nail paint and I'm done. But for meetings or special occasions, I choose to pick the sassiest colors for my nails like the Elle 18 Nail Pops in '26'. What's more, you can play around with them too! You can paint them all the same for a bold statement or paint one nail a different color and make it the accent nail. Whichever way you choose, the colors are supposed to pop and bring out your feminine touch through your nails! The Elle 18 nail pops shade '26' does exactly what it is supposed to. The lovely shade suits most skin tones.

   The nail pop comes in a round bottle packaging, It is very tiny and adorable. The applicator is very handy and smoothly applies the nail paint. It has a picture of the signature girl on the top. It has the details like the price and other details but not the ingredients. I see that it is very travel friendly.
Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!
   The shade "26" is a lovely watermelon color that is bold and chic. It is vibrant and bright. The consistency is runny and perfect for application. It dries fast and has a glossy finish. It doesn't have a particular fragrance, it smells like normal nail paints.
Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!
  The nail paint dries out super fast leaving a lovely warm color.
Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!


  1. Travel friendly.
  2. Low price.
  3. Usual Nail paint scent.
  4. Perfect consistency.
  5. Dries fast.
  6. Luscious Color.

Elle 18 Nail pops in the Shade 26 Review!


  A watermelony affair with the trendiest nail paint in town: Elle 18 Nail Pops in shade '26'. The color just stole my heart. I say, what more could we girls demand?

I definitely recommend it, the high quality and low price is a big YES.

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Contributor: Samia Arshan.