Hello Guys!    I like you all and do care about you all. I am here because of you all. So, I wanted you to get introduced to something wh...

Health & Wellness by Holistic Healing with Dr. Bhavi!

March 09, 2017 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hello Guys!

   I like you all and do care about you all. I am here because of you all. So, I wanted you to get introduced to something which can be of tremendous help for anyone. It can be your mother, father, sister, wife or children, anyone whom you love. Well I am a doctor too and have done MBBS & I do trust in holistic healing because there were ayurvedic, homeopathic healers from time immemorial and I myself got treated for my immunity problems from a Homeopathic doctor, as it wasn't getting resolved with medicines at all. So, Yes! I believe in them and will be talking about a website here which does helps in solving many of your such problems. So Stay Tuned to know more about it.
Health & Wellness by Holistic Healing
with Dr. Bhavi!

  Struggling with PCOD’s which is very prevalent these days and known cause for infertility too. Cannot lose those extra pounds gained after pregnancy? Struggling with acne, pimples that does goes away even after treatment? Worried about your child health? Having recurrent fever, fatigue, cold, cough that troubles you every now and then? Then you're at the right place where you can know how to stop all these. This is the only portal where you can find solution. This venture is started by Dr. Bhavi Mody.

   Dr. Bhavi Mody is a holistic Healer, Homeopathic Specialist, Nutritionist and Women Health Expert, working relentlessly to cure health ailments in women and children while promoting overall healing. Founder and Director of Health and Wellness with Dr. Bhavi, she believes in ‘Simple Sweet Solutions for Women and Children.’ Along with her holistic approach and customized treatments, it is her positive attitude and outlook on life that has clients always returning to her. She was also honoured with the WeAreTheCity Rising Stars Award India in 2016 in Health and Wellbeing category.
Health & Wellness by Holistic Healing
with Dr. Bhavi!
   The only online portal which focus on the most comprehensive strategies for MIND-BODY equilibrium. They have got the best client centric approach. It’s a humane approach to Holistic Healing for Women and Children using combination of Homeopathy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification. Their gentle persuasive counselling helps one with
  1. Health goal setting.
  2. Lifestyle modifications and healthy habit formation.
  3. Stress management techniques help cope stress in a positive way.

Their core expertise lies in
  • Women care - PCOS, Thyroid.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Allergies
  • Immunity building.
Health & Wellness by Holistic Healing
with Dr. Bhavi!
   Few are the ailments that are dealt and treated in a holistic, positive way.
  • WOMEN Health: PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Thyroid Imbalance, Hair Fall, Acne, Fibroids, Pre and Postnatal complaints, PMS(pre Menstrual Syndrome like pains, cramps, fatigue, irritability etc.), Menopausal issues and Obesity among others.
  • CHILDCARE: Teething, Colic, Immunity health issues like recurrent fever, frequent colds & coughs, less active etc., Asthma, Allergies, Exam Phobia, Recurrent URTI(Upper Respiratory Tract Infection), Skin ailments etc.
  • They have Skincare and Haircare plans too. 
  • They do even have a Nutritional Meals Guide during Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Well that’s not all there is an innovative package like ‘NEW U’ package for those Brides To Be to get that radiant, gorgeous and vibrant looking skin for their D-Day. They do offer clearing the skin and bringing shine to hairs along with a trim figure with right mixture of vitamins, minerals and superfoods. 

   I am completely happy to find such online website which helps us in so many ways. I liked the concept of it. The Healthy U and New U packages are something interesting. I would definitely suggests you to have a look at it and get the more clear concept of it. For me ‘Health is Wealth’.

You can Get In Touch at below mentioned ways in the picture.
Health & Wellness by Holistic Healing
with Dr. Bhavi!
Website: www.drbhavimody.com/index.php

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