Hola Beauties!    I love shopping that too from Nykaa website. I have been their customer since the day it launched. I am sure your too f...

Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches - All Shades!

March 21, 2017 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hola Beauties!

   I love shopping that too from Nykaa website. I have been their customer since the day it launched. I am sure your too familiar with this shopping website. I love that they stock so many beauty brands on their website both drugstore and luxury brands. Apart from that recently Nykaa started their own skincare and makeup line with so many amazing products. I already bought their Kajal and is on my testing table. Adding to the Nykaa makeup repertoire is their newest collection of Paintstix lipsticks. I did attend their #paintstix event at Bangalore which was fun and wonderful. This review is all about Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks all the shades with Swatches.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks.

PRICE: Rs. 425 for 3.5gm.

AVAILABILITY: On Nykaa website.

   Go big on color and big on glamour! Nykaa's Paintstix boasts a remarkable formula that pushes the boundaries of color intensity with its rich and intense pigment. This supreme formula glides on your lips effortlessly, providing you with, undeniable saturated color in one stroke. It s time to go bold with Nykaa!
  • Extreme color intensity.
  • Soft matte finish.
  • One stroke application.
  • Long-wearing.
  • Consists Vitamin E and nutrient-infused butter.
  • Glides on effortlessly.
  • Bold range of shades.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches!
   Nykaa have got wonderful line of makeup comprising of Nail paints, Creamy & Matte lipsticks, Eye liners, Khols etc. They recently launched their Paintstix with 12 shades from bold to everyday wearable hues.

   Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks comes in a slim and sleek twistable lipsticks having colour coordinated caps which a plus point when you have few of them in your vanity. They do come enclosed in cardboard box bearing all the details. Sadly no shade names written on lipstick but the coloured cap solves the problem. They do have expiry date written on them, now we can happily discard the outer box.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches!
  They are creamy in texture and glides like butter and have crazy pigmentation. Just one swipe is needed for full coverage and gives you soft, creamy Lips.

01. Nude Spice: Nude colour and will suit fair to medium skin tones.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - NUDE Spice!

02. Cool Girl Nude: Beautiful taupe colour, which suits medium to deeper skin tones. It is everyday or office day colour.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Cool Girl NUDE!

03. No Chill Orange: If is burnt orange colour which is very wearable, not a neon type and can be worn and carried away easily.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - No Chill Orange!

04. Peaches n Cream: Beautiful peach colour with pink undertones. Kind of everyday colour.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Peaches n Cream!

05. Tender Rose: Rosy pink colour which is very subtle and not over the top.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Tender Rose!

06. Chick Flick Pink: Pink with Red undertones.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Chick Flick Pink!

All 6 Shades Swatched from 01 to 06 from Left to Right:
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches!
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Swatches 01 to 06 shades from Left to Right.

07. Rock n Roll Pink: Bright fuschia which is bold and slightly neon.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Rock n Roll Pink!

08. Purple Monster: A purple which is trendy and bold.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Purple Monster!

09. Bombshell Berry: Berry colour with Red/Brown undertones. Perfect for winters.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Bombshell Berry!

10. Rebellious Red: Vintage Brick Red colour.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Rebellious Red!

11. Hearts n Kisses: Red with pink undertones which is subtle and girly.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Hearts n Kisses!

12. Grunge Brown: Deep chocolate brown which is bold and beautiful.
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks - Grunge Brown!
All 6 shades from 07 to 12 Swatched from Left to Right:
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Review & Swatches!
Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks Swatches shades 07 to 12 from Left to Right!

   Nykaa Paintstix Lipsticks have crazy pigmentation and they do not bleed after application but they do tends to transfer to cups, mugs etc. They stay for 4 to 5 hours without meal and does disappears with full blown meal. They leaves beautiful tint later on which is easy to remove. They have beautiful shade range from nude to pink to red, plum, chocolate brown, purple, orange etc. almost everything got covered. At such price tag it is a deal.

IBN RATING: 4.5/5.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: A big Yes if you love creamy lipsticks.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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