Hello Guys!   When recently I got the event invite from VLCC, I thought finally I can have a weight loss session with them. That’s the f...

VLCC Wellness Centre - A Destination For All Your Beauty Needs!

March 30, 2017 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hello Guys!

  When recently I got the event invite from VLCC, I thought finally I can have a weight loss session with them. That’s the first thing that strike us when we hear about VLCC - Slimming and Weight Loss. But that was proved wrong when I attended the beauty and personal care session event with the VLCC experts at their centre in Bangalore.
VLCC Wellness Centre Review!
   We received the warmest welcome by the entire VLCC team. They were much courteous too. I can see the posters related to skin, hair etc. along with some refreshments like fruit bowl, cupcakes etc. The entire ambience was quite warm and friendly as I sat along with my fellow bloggers who were as much intrigued as me. Once the session started with the entrance of specialist we got to know more about the services offered by VLCC Wellness Centre and about all the issues they deal with in the centre. As it’s summer the main talk was on sun protection regimes, later on followed by hairfall issues, acne and weight management, which was followed by a complimentary hand and foot massage to all of us. Not just that they do even offer services like Beauty services, Salon services, Laser & Dermat services. They have beauty products line which includes facial kits, skin whitening products, sun protection, anti ageing products, lip balms etc.
VLCC Wellness Centre Review!
   The most trendiest facial is been done at VLCCVampire Facial. I was bit surprised when I came to know that. Vampire Facial is famous because of Kardashians which is nothing but a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) a form of blood taken out from your skin and applied to your face with dermaroller which encourages cellular growth, stimulates healing and imparts a youthful appearance of skin. Treatments like Derma Heal Eye Treatment to reduce visible signs of ageing and Visionergy to minimise superficial signs of ageing is done even.
VLCC Wellness Centre Review!
VLCC Wellness Centre Review!
  I am glad to know that VLCC is not just a slimming and weight loss centre, it is a one stop destination for all our Beauty and personal care needs from skin, hair to body.
VLCC Wellness Centre Review!
 Here is little gift to all my lovely readers, a special coupon code to avail services at VLCC:


The T&C for the codes are as follows:
- 10% discount on availing any service with VLCC ( valid over and above the current discount )
- One time use
- Valid till 30th April
- Not applicable on high end Dermat services.


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