Hello Beautiful!    I hope you all are doing great. I am loving the weather right now here, so cozy! Not so hot and not so cold, perfec...

Ziveli - One-Stop Destination for Beautiful Handcrafted Home Decors!

March 29, 2017 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hello Beautiful!

   I hope you all are doing great. I am loving the weather right now here, so cozy! Not so hot and not so cold, perfect one. So, I came across a brand called Ziveli, which focuses on arts and crafts of India such as weaving a beautiful home decors from natural fibres, a practice that is still followed in rural parts of India in order to earn for a living. I recently got a lovely Vanity Box from them.
Keep reading to know my experience with the brand!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
   Ziveli, as they say, is the earth conscious lifestyle product brand with a Bohemian personality. They're all about producing high quality products made by local artisans in order to provide ‘THEM’ with better living and ‘US’ with better quality products.
From home decors to baskets to bags to picnic mats, picnic baskets, etc. they make almost everything from natural fibres. They promote the welfare of our environment and of course,  encourage a better lifestyle using organic products. They do work directly with the artisan who handcraft and their projects empower women and are environmentally sustainable.
Ziveli Home Decors Website Review!
What's more is that 35% of what they make goes to women artisans. It gives me so much pleasure and happiness to see and know that something I own is the hard work of a talented but poor artisan and now, they are getting what they deserve.

Empowering Women, keeping Craft alive… Ziveli! Live Sustainable!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
   I'm so glad that a brand like it focuses mainly on Women Empowerment. We may deny the hard facts but it is true that women are denied their share in most of the fields. Ziveli helps make such women who have talent and passion, to make crafts that are loved and cherished by all.
   So, I browsed through their Instagram and Facebook page, and I found out what I was looking for: a Vanity Box! Something that catches every girl's eyes.
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
They do expertise in making many different products like-
  • Vanity Boxes
  • Picnic Mats and Baskets
  • Tissue Boxes
  • Tote Bags
  • Bags
  • Bucket Bags
  • Clutches
  • Jewellery Boxes
  • Laundry Baskets etc.
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
Many more products on their Instagram & Facebook Page.

  Priced at Rs.550, the Vanity Box is a unique and trendy handcrafted box, crafted by women artisans in Manipur with whom they work with. You can easily place orders through their Facebook Page or on Instagram.
Coming back to the Vanity Box, it is made with Kauna Reed, which is a water Reed that grows only in Manipur and is natural.
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!

Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
It is such a pretty box which have got ample space in it. I am comparing it with my vanity bag which I have got from max fashion store, So you can get an idea how much space it have where I can keep all my foundation, primer bottles upside and my much loved Carli Bybel fits in beautifully. So no worries for me to carry this one around while I am travelling too. Not just makeup products, one can store jewellery in it easily.
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
   The finishing of the basket is very stylish and the fact that it is handcrafted only adds to the charm. It also has a cork-like thing in front through which you can easily open the box and a handle to carry it around. It does now add glam to my vanity table. My experience with them was very pleasant. It is so nice to know such dedicated and lovely folks!
Ziveli Home Decor Website Review!
   I think a brand like Ziveli just needs our encouragement and support to move in the right direction. With the best quality products, it's very hard to miss it!
   I suggest you all to head over to their Instagram & Facebook Page and check out the beautiful products they offer.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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