Hi Everyone!    Recently I got my hands on the Elle 18 Glow Compact in the Shade 'Pearl'. The brand has been very popular among ...

Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!

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Hi Everyone!

   Recently I got my hands on the Elle 18 Glow Compact in the Shade 'Pearl'. The brand has been very popular among youngsters because of it's low price and high quality that they offer. They have kajals, lipsticks, lip balms and what not at a very economical price. To try it out myself, I got some amazing products from the brand.

Want to see if it meets our expectations? Stay tuned!
Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Elle 18 Glow compact in Pearl.

PRICE: 120 Rs.

AVAILABILITY: Available on amazon, purplle and makeup stores.

   Enhance your skin tone with this glow compact from Elle 18. With a single application, this compact hides all skin imperfections and gives you a radiant glow. You'll see an evenly spread, fairer look and the natural glow and smooth matte finish of this compact can complement your everyday look. Its advanced powder formula works well to conceal dark circles, spots, and blemishes. Accentuate your face with this compact for a bright and clear look. Buy the Glow Compact in Pearl shade that comes in this 8gm pack that will fit easily in your bag to take wherever you go.
Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!
Use it with the applicator like a normal Compact.


   I bought the Elle 18 Glow Compact in haste and I admit that it was one of my random purchases. The compact is one of the most budget friendly ones found in the market and it is a go-to product for college goers. It does add a lovely glow to the face as well. The compact is a great option for those who are beginners and need a compact in their vanity. Overall, my experience was great.
Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!
   The packaging of the Elle 18 Glow compact is a simple, black one. The outer case closes firmly with a snap.The puff applicator that comes with it is good enough for application, although I do recommend using other makeup tools for the perfect makeup look. The compact is super light weight and you can easily carry it around. Thus, it is travel friendly as well.

   The shade 'Pearl' suits my skin very well, it is for fair to wheatish skin tones. The texture of the compact is quite smooth and it is very easy to apply it. It is not cakey and I think it is easy to work with. It may set into the fine lines if you have dry skin so moisturising well before application is recommended. The fragrance is quite pleasant. It is a floral one. The staying power is a decent 3-4 hours.
Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!
   This compact is a perfect companion for me, I think the shade gives the look of smooth, flawless skin to my face. It also adds a lovely brightness to my face as well.

  1. Low Price.
  2. Travel friendly.
  3. Pleasant fragrance.
  4. Smooth texture.
  5. Well pigmented.
  6. Covers up very well.
  7. Decent Staying power.
Elle 18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review!
  1. May set into fine lines.

IBN RATING : 4.2/5.

   A decent compact with numerous benefits. It enhances the beauty of the face very well. Can this get any better?

   YES! Definitely go for this, with the price tag, it is worth trying!

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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