Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua Face And Body Gel Review!

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   Don't judge the book by it's cover is the most famous quote which applies to a plant which looks bit scary from outside but does have loads of benefits within. I meant about Aloe vera plant. It's gel is a blessing in disguise for us whether it's face, hair or body, it works wonders. But in my day to day busy life, I am unable to extract the gel and use it. People like me does needs instant gel to just slather on and carry on with work. That has been heard and these days many brands are coming up with aloe vera gels. I am in experimenting spree with aloe vera gel from different brands these days to find the perfect one which works wonders like natural one. One such brand is in my review list today - Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face And Body Gel. Stick to me, Let's find out how this fared.
Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua Face And Body Gel.

PRICE: Rs. 95 for 100gms.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Iba Halal Care Site & Stores, Amazon etc.

   Iba Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel - A multipurpose oil-free gel containing high concentration of pure Aloe Vera. Ideally suited to provide instant hydration, cooling, relief from dry, irritated skin and effective healing from sunburn, acne scars, blemishes, pimples and stretch marks.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

Apply on face and body by gently massaging it into the skin. Use as frequently as needed. Gentle and safe for daily use.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Vera - Cleans, softens, soothes and replenishes skin’s natural moisture, while preventing acne and blemishes

Cucumber - Cools, tones and refreshes skin
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

  I am an aloe vera gel addict no matter what season, my skin needs it's daily dose of aloe vera gel. It did help me with my skin issues previously, so I don't stop using it. I have been trying it from different brands and everyone does have different story. So this aloe vera gel story goes this way. It is halal, vegan, cruelty free, chemical free, alcohol free and free from chemical like SLS, parabens, phthalates. This is enough for you to buy the product and bonus  is it's affordable even.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

  Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face And Body Gel comes in a regular transparent squeezable tube with a translucent flip cap which shuts tightly. So you can carry it along anywhere without the fear of leakage. For the price of Rs. 95 you get enough amount of gel which will last you for long. The packaging bears all the details of the product. I am happy the tube is transparent shich let me see the amount of product remaining.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

   The gel is light green in colour and does have mild herbal fragrance, which might be bothersome if you have sensitive nose but it does fades away quickly after application. The gel does have light consistency and smooth in texture.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

  I do wash my face with Ethicare Remedies Ethiglo Face Wash and pat try it, then use the aloe vera gel and apply and massage it in to my skin. The gel spreads easily and gets absorbed easily by giving soothing and cooling effect to skin. It doesn't feel greasy or oily after application.
 It does moisturised my skin giving it instant hydration and worked well on my dry patches too giving soothing effect on my dry irritated skin. I can see those dry patches fading away with constant regular use. The story ends there. It didn't do anything for my blemishes, acne scars or stretch marks at all. I can't see any visible effects on those stubborn blemishes,  acne scars or stretch marks. I don't have any breakouts now, So can't comment on about prevention of acne breakouts by it. I provides hydration, cooling effect when used on body too.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!

  1. Very affordable and easily available. 
  2. Travel friendly. 
  3. Good amount of product which will last long.
  4. Herbal, vegan, Halal, cruelty free, alcohol free, chemical free and free from SLS, phthalates, parabens.
  5. Wudu friendly which might be important for my Muslim sisters.
  6. Gives instant hydration and moisturise the skin.
  7. Give soothing and cooling effect 
  8. so good for sun burns.
  9. Reduces dry patches.

  1. Doesn't work for acne.
  2. Didn't do anything for blemishes, acne scars or stretch marks.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!


   Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face And Body Gel is good for daily instant hydration and moisturisation for skin which also gives soothing and cooling effect to skin.
Iba Halal Aloe Aqua Face and Body Gel Review!
IBN RECOMMENDATION: If you looking something which is affordable and provides instant hydration.

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