Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle in Pearl Review!

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   This product has been sitting in my vanity waiting to be reviewed for so long! I bought the Lakme Face Magic Skin tints Soufflé in Pearl after doing much research and found out it was worth a try. Today, I'll be reviewing the same for you. So, basically, it's like a much lighter version of a foundation. There's not an easier way to explain this but to just show you. 
Without further ado, let's get to it!
Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé in Pearl Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle in Pearl

PRICE: 160 Rs.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Nykka and other makeup outlets.

Lakme is India’s leading color cosmetics brand offering a wide range of high-end, world-class color cosmetics and skincare products. Lakme has a vast product range specially crafted by experts for the Indian skin. Bought to you from the Lakme Classics range, flaunt flawless skin by using the Lakme Magic Souffle.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Apply like you would apply a usual foundation and blend it with your fingers.

INGREDIENTS LIST: Not mentioned.
Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé in Pearl Review!

   I actually don't remember how and why I wanted to pick this one up. I actually thought I would use it as an everyday foundation. It does serve it's purpose of adding a lovely sheer glow to the face but what about hiding, covering spots? I'm not so sure about that. 
Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé in Pearl Review!

The packaging of Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle is very different from other products which usually come in glass bottles, this tiny tub is travel friendly although I haven't tested the "break-factor" of it. It's very unique, though.
Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé in Pearl Review!

    The shade 'Pearl' is a warm shade with pinkish undertones. I Don't think these shades will suit most fair skin tones as it's a tad bit too warm for them. The consistency is runny and easy to blend. The fragrance is very pleasant.

   Lakmé Skin Tints Soufflé works very well. It's easy to blend and perfect for everyday wear. It is amazing at giving a sheer coverage and warmth to the ones with vampire-like skin but to most people, it'll fail to impress. It has got very low staying power too.
Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé in Pearl Review!

  1. Adds a hint of glow and warmth.
  2. Sheer coverage.
  3. Highly Pigmented.
  4. Easy to Blend.
  5. Travel Friendly.
  6. Cucumber Extracts keep the skin cool and hydrated.
  7. Pleasant Fragrance.

  1. More shades to choose from would have been nice.
  2. Gives very sheer coverage, doesn't hide spots, blemishes, acne etc.
  3. Very low staying power.


   I love the fact that the Lakme Skin Tints Souffle adds a lovely glow and warmth to the face. Pale skin tones will love this one. But for me, I think I'll give it a pass. Will I repurchase it? Probably not.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: Yes, there are other ones that are far better but it's okay if you'd like to have a sort of product that is different from the rest.

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Contributor: Samia Arshan.