Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

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Hi Everyone!

   The hot sunny summers are here and they do not spare anyone. I'm already seeing people with tans and sunburns. However, being a protective mom, I decided to hoard up on sunscreens for my baby. 

You see, children have the most delicate, soft skin and it is very essential to protect them. So, I'm going to review the Mineral Based Sunscreen by Mama Earth

Sounds great? Let's see if it lives up to our expectations.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Mama Earth Mineral based sunscreen.

PRICE: 299 Rs.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon and firstcry.

   Hi! I am mamaearth’s sunscreen. Your baby wants to explore the big wide world out there. Sunburns and damaged skin will do him no good. I am SPF 20+, especially formulated to be non irritant and ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. I am non greasy, non allergenic and can be used anywhere on the body where sun is going to shine.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!
   Simply take a pea sized amount in your palms and apply on your baby's face and body.

Active minerals (Zinc), Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheatgerm, Almond & Olive Oil
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

   My baby's skin is very sensitive like any others. To protect the soft and supple skin, I decided to try this sunscreen out. It's very hot nowadays and the weather here gets crazy in summers. I think this sunscreen is very good for days like this, it protects my baby's skin. I think it's a very delicate sunscreen and doesn't do any harm. What's more is that it's free from most chemicals. It gives the protection of SPF 20+ which protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Overall, the experience was super pleasant. You can easily use this on your kids too.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

   The packaging of Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen is a playful, bubbly one which is perfect for babies. It's a plain white colored container with a green lid. It has colorful details of the product written on it. The packaging is very travel friendly.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

   It's consistency is perfect, not too runny. It is very easy to apply it. The scent is also quite pleasant and fruity. I think it males my baby smell amazing! 
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

   You can easily protect your baby's skin from the harmful rays of the sun, sunburns and what not!

  1. Free from phthalates, parabens etc.
  2. Easy to apply. 
  3. Travel friendly.
  4. Pleasant fragrance.
  5. Safe for babies.
  6. Doesn't cause any allergies.
  7. Contains SPF 20+.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

  1. I wish the SPF was bit more as summers are getting hotter day by day.


   I think my baby loved the wonderful smell. It also protects from sunburns on their delicate skin. I think I've found a new best friend for my baby.
Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen Review!

YES, it's a must have for your baby/kids!

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