Island Kiss Lip Pomades in 'Black Rose & Grenade Rouge' and 'Flamingo Pink & Peonies' Review!

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Hi Everyone,

   As soon as I found out Island Kiss was coming out with the new versions of lip pomades, I couldn't keep my hands off! I absolutely adore how even the tiniest bit of their products looks so adorable. 
Today I'll be reviewing the Island Kiss Lip pomades in 'Black Rose & Grenade Rouge' and 'Flamingo Pink & Peonies' and see if they really meet our expectations!
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Island Kiss Lip Pomades in 'Black Rose & Grenade Rouge' and 'Flamingo Pink & Peonies'.

PRICE: 399 Rs. Onwards.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Nykka and other makeup outlets.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Most lip products generally contain water n them. Water is great, but in order to preserve a product that contains water, petro-chemicals are used . We haven’t used any water hence no preservatives are needed and the products is simply pure.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

DIRECTION FOR USE: Squeeze with love and caress onto your lips until they soften. Feel free to lick your lips and savour the lovely taste.

INGREDIENTS LIST: Tropical Kokum, Avocado and mango butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic carrot seed oil, Pure castor oil, Rich vitamin e oil,Natural organic color.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

   Island kiss lipbalms have been reviewed on my blog previously as well, if you want, you can check out the review here. 
The new, revamped Island kiss lip pomades have made my heart melt with their gorgeous, warm colors and delicious new flavours. I got to know that they're going to be introducing new ones and immediately wanted to try them out, and well, here I am! 
Apart from being 100% organic, their yummy taste is something I looked forward to.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

The packaging is quirky, eye catching and definitely worth drooling for. I think they're quite travel friendly. Moreover, they look a lot like theBalm cosmetics products. Plus points for that!
Island Kiss Lip Pomades in Flamingo Pink & Peonies Review!
Island Kiss Lip Pomades in Black Rose & Grenade Rouge Review!

The shade of the 'Flamingo Pink & Peonies' is called Wink Pout Pink which is a playful coral pink color while the shade of 'Black Rose & Grenade Rouge' is called 'Foxy Red Head' which is a warm red color. The consistency is gooey, creamy and perfect to be used as lipgloss. The fragrance and taste go hand in hand. The scent is sweet, mild and delicious.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

RESULTS: You can have soft, supple and stained lips in the matter of a few seconds! Who wouldn't like that?

  1. Highly pigmented.
  2. 100% organic.
  3. Non toxic.
  4. Softens lips.
  5. Repairs even the most chapped lips.
  6. Contains SPF 15.
New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review!

  1. A bit pricey.

New Island Kiss Lip Pomades Review & Swatches!

   If you overlook the price bit, I think you'd see how these Island kiss lip pomades will be your best friends for life. 100% organic and of course, the yummy taste cannot be ignored.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: Yes, definitely a must buy!

Your Beauty Fanatic!


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Great review Farhat. Do let me know where I can buy them?