Hi Beauties!   We make our first impressions of a person on the basis of his/her appearance and   looks. What do we notice first? Usually...

7 Tips To Get Smooth and Glossy Hair!

August 01, 2017 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Beauties!

  We make our first impressions of a person on the basis of his/her appearance and   looks. What do we notice first? Usually it’s the hair quality and its sheen. The more presentable the hair, the more it is appreciated. Hair is a very important part of how we exhibit ourselves in public. Having good hair qualities are synonymous to having smooth, silky and glossy hair. Attending a party promptly and having to visit a salon makes it very tedious. So if we bear smooth and shiny hair, we are good to go. Not only does it enhance our looks but it also gives a boost to our confidence. We are certain to not get distracted by frizzy and unmanageable hair. We may look more approachable and tidy.
7 Tips To Get Smooth and Glossy Hair!
              We are aware that monsoon brings along with it extra moisture content in the air and makes our hair go frizzy. It is almost impossible to manage it if care and a little attention is not given. Therefore, to look gorgeous with some hair that twinkles in others eyes, we need to take care of it.
The question is what has to be done to get the dazzling look? How do we take control of further damage and how can we keep it safe?
  Maintaining hair is comparatively easy. Not too much has to be done and it does not involve treatments that are extremely expensive and laborious. Just a few measures have to be taken.
Here are 7 tips that will help you supervise that hair and make it look smooth and glossy:

1. OILING- This is something that every mother or even a grandmother would recommend. No matter how much the salon expert may ask you to condition with different hair care products, oiling is essential as it strengthens the roots, controls hair damage and accelerates hair growth. It improves blood circulation and induces blood flow.
          Coconut oil, so to say works best. But combining it with almond and olive oil will enhance the natural added value. Using it an hour before hair wash is suggested but an overnight stay will work wonders. Its opens the hair follicles, seeps into the scalp and does damage control and works wonderfully.
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 2. HAIR PRODUCTS- It is firmly recommended to use hair products based on the hair type. Identify the type of your hair, use the right shampoo and conditioner.
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3. HEALTHY FOOD DIET- Food is directly related to healthy hair. Eating junk food that carries no vitamins will get you ruffled and crinkly hair. Eating protein rich and healthy food is vital. Containing food abundant in nutrients will help you regain the sheen and avoid losing those precious strands lending smooth and silky hair. Drinking an average 2-3 litres of water flourishes hair growth and adds glister to your hair.

4. USE NATURAL PACKS- A very helpful pack that is inexpensive and just requires ingredients available at home is here.
Eggs – the best conditioner and catalyst for shiny and smooth hair along with one thick spoon of yogurt is the best remedy. It is protein rich and is just what the hair requires.
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How to use-?
   Use 1-1 proportion depending on your length and thickness of your hair. Keep the pack for half an hour and wash it off with a shampoo to get rid of any egg odour. Adding honey to this will be very effective too.
Another pack recommended is a coconut milk pack. Heat the coconut milk and apply it evenly. Wrap it with a towel and leave it for some time. It can be left overnight too. Wash and rinse well. This procedure can be repeated twice a week.  There are various natural packs for hair. You can choose according to the products available to you.

5. USE THE RIGHT HAIR BRUSH- After a hair wash, use a wide toothed comb or hair brush. It minimizes hair fall as the hair is prone to damage after a hair wash as it is delicate. Use the right brush. You are sure to get good branded combs and hair brushes with A-1 quality and save yourself from further damage.
TIP- Avoid washing hair daily in monsoon season as it extracts all the oils of the scalp. Wash twice a week to keep it hydrated and healthy.

6. ALOE VERA- Aloe vera natural remedy used not only for the face but for the hair too. A thin paste of aloe Vera will help to keep the hair shining bright and keep it smooth. It is a mitochondrion of nutrients.
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How to apply it?
   Make a paste of the natural aloe Vera from the plant. Add honey if possible. Make a mixture of the two and apply on the scalp. Rinse it off with a shampoo and conditioner after some time. You will see the effect instantly as it is one of the best recommendation.

7. STAY HAPPY- The most important requirement or ingredient of life is keeping oneself happy and stress free. Stress can be a primary cause of hair fall, dryness and roughness. Problems will come and go, one has to keep living with a happy and healthy mind in order to maintain that beauty and let it radiate through the twinkling and glassy hair. It is highly recommended and brings about the best result. A happy mind reflects a happy, healthy and glazy hair.
      These 7 tips are sure to inflate your hair quality. Let your hair be the eye-catcher. Follow these tips and exult in the glory of shiny, velvety and lustrous hair. Relive with confidence, move out without any ambiguities and let your hair increase your zeal and zest for life.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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