Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Hey Everybody!    Quite recently, I had to travel about 50 miles (80 kilometers) for a weekend ge...

My Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!

November 26, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Hey Everybody!

   Quite recently, I had to travel about 50 miles (80 kilometers) for a weekend getaway. And the journey was a PAIN, literally. My friend's car sucks big time and for all the wrong reasons too. So, I thought about this for a long time and I thought that this is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you guys the tips and tricks to maintain your car and make sure that it runs smoothly for a long time. So, here are my Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Maintain your Car!
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Cars!
   I have tons and tons of tricks that I use to keep my car top-notch hygienic and it runs super smoothly as if it's new. These will ensure your car stays brand new for a long time and traveling would be your best friend. After looking at some beautiful cars on Cars.com, I really believe that cars are a great, precious investment and therefore, they need extra care. A huge chunk of maintenance is preventative which means that the way your car runs is controlled by YOU.
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!
1) Keep the Oil in check!
   It is important to check your car's oil level every week. This is the first thing I was taught about my car. Checking oil levels ensures that your car runs smoothly. You just need to keep the hood up, take out the dip stick immersed in oil and wipe it off first. Next, just dip it back and you'll see the level of oil in your car. If it's the right amount, you don't need to add any more. If it's not, add some of it! Easy peasy.

2) Rotate the Tires regularly: 
   Every time you go for a routine pollution check, ask them to rotate your tires and exchange them. This way, your tires will wear off evenly.
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!
3) Keep it Clean: 
   This is the basic rule, wash it with soap and water and scrub off the grease and salt on the tires. Ensure you don't have any dust around your engine and the doors. This makes sure your car looks good and runs smoothly as well.

4) Keep the Tires Aligned: 
   Alignment is the sole reason some people have to face accidents which is because both the tires are not going in the same direction. The easiest way to do this is by having someone stand in front of your car and you just spin the tires around while they see if they are aligned.
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!
5) Avoid Potholes: 
   Another basic rule that I've learned the difficult way. (Life is hard) Potholes mess up your tires and the alignment of the tires is screwed up. So, you know what to avoid. Also, if you see a rocky or bumpy road, avoid that entirely. Instead, go for the smoother road if you're familiar with it.

6) Check your Lights: 
   Before traveling anywhere, I make sure to check the lights in the front and in the back. This makes sure that while changing lanes on the road, I give the proper indication to the person following me. If the lights don't work, I might take a right and bump into another car. Super risky!
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!
7) Stop for Inspection: 
   No matter how much time you have, make it a point to get your tires and your car inspected. This ensures that even if you've missed something, the person inspecting it would easily spot it.

8) Know the Driving Conditions: 
   If you know that you're going to have a bumpy ride, plan your trip accordingly. Keep extra tires and equipments to change the tires, if the need arises. If the weather is unclear, make sure the front window wipers are working in case of rains.
Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Car!
9) A fresh breath of air is in order:
   Keep an air freshener handy, preferably one WITHOUT alcohol. Air fresheners ensure that your car smells fresh and stays healthy.

10) Check Fluid Levels frequently:
   Obviously, it is super important to check the level of petrol/gas/oil before you start traveling, it's a bummer if you're in the middle of nowhere and are stuck without any stations nearby.

   Phew! That was the end of the list. I'm pretty sure you'd be almost shocked to know that these tips and tricks are so handy and ensure that your car stays healthy. If you do try these out, comment below and let me know!


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