Hey Everyone!    With Children's day just around the corner, my kid is super excited. And I'm sure you all must have noticed kids...

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day!

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Hey Everyone!

   With Children's day just around the corner, my kid is super excited. And I'm sure you all must have noticed kids around your locality being super thrilled about this day, particularly because they get to perfom in various school dances and sometimes, they get a mini-treat too. But most of the time, they're not appreciated as much as they ought to. Children are just so sensitive and they process everything you say to them differently. Even the tiniest compliment assures them that you're there for them whenever they need you.

   Keeping that in mind, I have a list of Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day! 
Are you excited? Let's jump right into it!
1) Turn yourself into a kid: 
   This one may sound strange but let me tell you something: it will make your life super happy. Children, at times, just need a buddy to play with. And who could be a better playmate than a mommy/daddy who acts the same age as them! It's really fun to talk to your kid like a kid and it would be equally exciting for both of you.

2) Play the games that your children like: 
   Be with the classic game of "Ludo" or "Hopscotch", children love them all. Ask your kid what his/her favorite game is and fully engorg yourself into it. Let yourself win occasionally so, your kid knows that you're not cheating when you actually are. (Your secret is safe.)
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3) Cook your kid's favorite meal: 
   Nothing is better than some warm chocolate cake and ice cream. Or a bowl of chips and some cold drink to go with it! Whip up your kids favorite meal or snack and serve it with love. I'm 100% certain that you'll get a thank you kiss after it!

4) Doodle with your kid: 
   I know you're no Picasso but so isn't your kid! Children love to draw and sketch whenever and wherever they want. It just takes two sheets of paper and some crayons to draw the next Mona Lisa. (Just stay away from the walls, children like to think of it as a canvas.) Draw shapes or cartoons or just doodle your heart out.

5) Go for a fun outing or a Picnic! 
   Picnics are something I remember the most from my childhood. I used to jump up and down just thinking about going for a Picnic.

6) Get them a surprise gift: 
  Everyone LOVES gifts, especially children. Whether you have a 6 year old or a 16 year old, they'd be equally excited while unwrapping the present you get them. Get them something they'd need or something that they wanted, it will remind them that you listened to them when they were whining about that particular present. It will remind them how much you care. It can be even Cadbury, flowers or toys.
7) Go out to grab some dinner together: 
   My best memories with my family are the ones when we went to grab some hot pizza. The pizzeria nearby served us pizza and we had to ring a bell if we liked it. If you have a place like that nearby, take your kids there for a nice, hot meal and they'd love it.

8) Story Time! : 
   Tell them your stories about when you were little. Tell them about the things you did, the pranks you played, how notorious you were when you were their age. It really surprises the kids when they find out that you were exactly like them when you were younger.

9) Party Time: 
   If you're really in the mood, throw a mini- party for your kids and their friends. You can bake a cake at home and make some homemade pasta. Play some charades or musical chairs and simply have fun!

10) Share Secrets like you're best friends: 
   Ask your kid to share their secrets with you and promise them that you wouldn't tell anyone else. It really helps the kids to connect with you on a personal level.

   Well, you have reached the end of the list. You are officially the (future) favorite parent now! Woohoo! Try this tips and I'm certain that you will connect with your kid on a personal level. Trust me, your children will brag about you the next time.

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