Hey Everyone!     Since you guys really loved the previous post about bringing fun on children's day, I thought of sharing one more su...

Top 10 Fun Games You Can Play With Your Kid!

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Hey Everyone! 

   Since you guys really loved the previous post about bringing fun on children's day, I thought of sharing one more such post. Children are God's gift to all the moms out there for suffering and enduring pain for 9 whole months. Being a mother can be a pain but with the right steps, it can be as fun and enjoyable as anything can get. Today's post will be about Top 10 Fun Games You Can Play With Your Kid and surely, it's not a list that you can skip reading!
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   In this age of technology, when children are stuck like ants on a candy to the television, you should know it's the time to come and rescue them with fun activities and games. Here are some fun games for toddlers which you can play easily!

1) Rock, Paper, Scissors!
   As simple and classic this game sounds, it's pretty simple. And I bet you or your child would already know the rules to this fun game. If you don't, they are pretty simple: Rock beats scissors, scissors cut paper and paper somehow beats rock. If you're looking for an exciting version of this game, say no more and MAKE YOUR OWN. Be it Ninja, dragon and water OR Princess, water and gun, the possibilities are endless.
What are you waiting for?
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   Coming from a desi Indian family, we were all very keen on playing Carrom in our childhood. The board game is so unique and even helps your child think faster and better.

   A simple and self-explanatory game that I bet you played during your childhood as well. Just make sure that your child doesn't swallow these!
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   A game with no prerequisite effort, all you need to do is grab a piece of chalk and draw a grid of nine. Throw a rock at a number and jump to it back and forth on one leg! Beware: this can be quite an exercise for you and your kid might laugh at you if you get tired too soon.
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   The card game is widely loved by people of all ages, it even helps the brain work faster and more effectively. When you're left with one card, yell "UNO!".

6)Hide and seek:
   As the name suggests, you need to hide and your child would seek or vice versa. There can be a ton of variations to this: count to  ten or even count to a hundred!
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7) Blind man: 
   Blindfold your child and ask them to come and find you, it will surely give a rush to your kid!

8) Hide and clap: 
   A variation of hide and seek, this game can get really exciting too. Recently, it was featured in the movie Conjuring and caught a lot of attention of children for being so unique and thrilling!

9) Simon says:
   This game requires no effort and no equipments. Just begin saying "Simon Says", followed by an order.
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10)Freeze Tag:
   A variant of the original game 'Tag', this game is also called "Ice Pice". It's easy to learn too, when you're touched by the person who's "it", you'll have to freeze!

   There is no end to the list, you can even be a swimming guide for kids as they love swimming, go camping and explore the nature, join gymnastics, etc. I hope you would like to play these games with your kid and indulge them in living a healthier lifestyle.

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