Hi Ladies!    The world has designated March 8 as a day to recognize us and our unending duties, but it’s about time we grasp the gravity...

7 Super Easy Fitness Tips for Women!

January 15, 2018 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Ladies!

   The world has designated March 8 as a day to recognize us and our unending duties, but it’s about time we grasp the gravity of our wellbeing and become our own aide. From clocking extra home-care hours to giving more time to your fitness, there are a lot of women out there who are transferring their focal point to a healthy life. And if you are one of them (or simply on the route to it), we’ve got some interesting tips that will help you wake up from your unhealthy coma…

Tip No. 1 – Fetch the motivation:
   Sometimes the toughest part of making a significant change is getting motivated. You’ve got a quintillion ton of home wreckage to clean up, followed by a pile of office documents to sort out. And if you have kids to look after, then that must be the end of your healthy life, right? Wrong! Yes, it definitely is an uphill task. Agreed. But are you ready to climb this hill and fetch that ‘extra’ pale of water? Bear in mind that fitness routines are for your sole welfare. You execute them, and you derive the benefits. There’s no one else who’s going to reap the fruits off your sweat. This ‘you’ factor should be enough to get your bottoms up and running.

Tip No. 2 – The right munch:
   The perfect diet doesn’t really exist. For if it did, we’d all live to be a 100.What exists however, is a balanced diet. Try what youmust, and you will still end up missing out on some or the other nutrient for the day. A tight schedule could be the prime reason behind an unregulated diet or rather, an unhealthy diet. Most health experts suggest a 3+2 combination of meals. 3 main course meals combined with 2 snack meals, one between breakfast and lunch, and the other between lunch and dinner. Needless to say, the right munch involves reduction in refined carbs (bread, chocolate, cookies) and increase in the protein in-take. Since egg and meat are some of the most ideal sources of protein, care must be taken to cook them in an ultra-low-fat base. KEEP AWAY FROM SUGAR AND CAFFEINE!
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Tip No. 3 – Me time:
   “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” That’s what Henry Ford said after inventing the car. Point being, you don’t really know what you want unless you try out something new. And to your pleasant surprise – IT CLICKS! Staying fit includes a sound mental capacity coupled with physical fitness. Not just the latter. Flipping through a book opens up your brain in ways scrolling through a smart phone will not. Spend time with yourself, pamper yourself, indulge in activities like road trips to regions that are close to the nature. Breathe in the fresh breeze from forests and spend time soaking in the raw sunlight found on beaches.

Tip No. 4 – Fitness accessories:
   Quite obviously, a perfect fitness plan involves lifting of weights and executing exercises that require the assistance of fitness accessories. Invest in dumbbells and weights to shape your arms, shoulders and chests. And if you’d like to get intense, you can always opt for a complete overhead gantry for enabling workouts like pull ups and weight raise through belt. The fitness benefits of cycling are well known. Riding an electric bike is much less detrimental to your knees and joints, making it the best option for women of all ages and health. And with the Gtech 50% Off Voucher,you are safe from creating a crater in your wallet.
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Tip No. 5 – If not accessorized:
   While lifting weights is bound to help you shape your muscles, there are other fitness regimes that will still help you tone your body. Conventional practices like high intensity runs and cycling will help you sweat until you’ve reached your target in stamina building. Other fat burning exercises that do not require accessories include abdominal crunches, stretches, star-jumps and the king of burners – the plank. All you need is an exercise mat and you’re good to go.

Tip No. 6 – Live an active lifestyle:
   You Only Live Once so, why not choose to live an active and energized lifestyle? Perhaps the greatest perk of welcoming an active lifestyle is the lowered risk of heart diseases associated with a sedentary life. While at the same time assists you in aging a lot slowly. However, if you haven’t lived an active life since years, it’s best advisable to start out gradually. You can kick off by snubbing the use of lift and instead choose to use the stairwell. You can relocate your stationery bicycle placing it right in front of your TV. So technically, the amount of time you spend in watching a game of football is equivalent to at least a couple of rounds of an actual football field. Killing two birds with a single stone right there!

Tip No. 7 – Wake up and sleep schedule:
   If you are employed or are still going through schooling period, chances are that your wake up and sleep schedule are out of balance. Call it a night as early as half past nine and snooze out of bed by half past six. An 8-hour sleep cycle is mandatory for all bodily functions including digestion and metabolism. A study by the National Sleep Foundation even suggests that depriving ourselves from rest can take a significant toll on our immune system. Not to forget the amount of people who are suffering from depression and mood swings due to lack of sleep.
Most women have conjured up a picture that staying fit involves hectic exercises and quitting food. While it’s quite the opposite. And with these easy to adapt tips and with a bit of motivation, you can easily pull out the healthy woman that has been hibernating all this while inside your body.

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