Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

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  The winter season has started and I am in love with the weather of Bangalore. Due to changes in weather there will be change in my skin care products and routine, but one thing which will stay put is Scrub. I literally can't stay away from scrubbing my face thrice in a week to get rid of those unwanted dead cells on my skin. I am in always search of my HG scrub but never came across it till now. During my trying and testing I came across with this new launch and have used it for quite some time to jot down this review, it's  Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel.
Let's see how this fared well in scrubbing matters.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel.

PRICE: Rs. 499 for 75gm.

AVAILABILITY: Easily available on Biobloom's website and other online sites.

   Biobloom's Facial Scrub Gel comes with the goodness of Walnut which is a natural & effective scrub that removes dead skin softly. This Paraben Free Scrub is also enriched with Rose, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E that rejuvenate the face giving it natural glow.
with Natural Actives
Paraben Free.

Walnut which is a natural & effective scrub that removes dead skin softly.

Rose is a natural astringent with amazing anti-inflammatory properties thus soothing irritated skin. Roses is a rich source of antioxidants, which can help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue making the skin feel healthier & smoother.

Aloe Vera is a natural & potent moisturizer and is also loaded with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory & anti-septic properties.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

  I am scrub and exfoliant person and tried many of the scrubs in the market but never tried a gel scrub before. I was bit doubtful of this product as it was saying scrub in a gel version, so wasn't sure how this will work well on my skin but it was bit surprising to me and I quite liked it. Let's jump down for it's detailed review.

  The Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel comes in a tub version which is transparent and outside label bears all the details of the product. When opened it was protected by a foil film. The packaging is not at all travel friendly as for me there is always the scare of spillage. I wished it has come in a squeezable tube version which can be both travel friendly and hygienic too, as the tub is not at all hygienic as it requires dipping of fingers everytime when used.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!
  The Scrub Gel does have gel consistency but a bit runny and does have mild reddish orange  microgranules/beads in it which is for exfoliation purpose. The fragrance is nothing bothersome and is quite mild.

  I must say this first that I have dry skin and gel based products does works on my skin too. The moment I saw, it's free of chemicals I just tried it without second thoughts. I was but skeptical of the runny gel consistency of it, whether it will work or not well. But to my surprise it did exfoliate well. The beads were very mild and gentle on skin providing the proper exfoliation to the skin. After washing it away, I did felt that some product is still on my skin, so I needed to pat dry my skin well to remove that feeling (It can be an individual feeling). After that my skin did felt soft and cleaned. It did removed the dead skin effectively and some tiny blackheads was also removed. It did good on my dry skin and I felt it will work great for oily and combination skin, but very oily skin people does stay away from it.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

  1. Comes in runny gel consistency.
  2. Having mild reddish orange beads in it which gives gentle yet effective exfoliation.
  3. Fragrance is not bothersome at all.
  4. Does gives soft, clean and refreshed skin after use.
  5. Might work well for oily and combination skin.
  6. Does have goodness of Walnut, Rose, Aloevera and Vitamin E.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

  1. Bit pricey.
  2. Tub packaging can be unhygienic.
  3. Not travel friendly.
  4. After use on my dry skin, it feels the product is still left over.
  5. Not available offline easily.
Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel Review!

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Biobloom Skin Care Facial Scrub Gel does provide good exfoliation to the skin by giving clean, soft and refresh skin after use. It liked it gel consistency and good part is it is Paraben free.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: If you don't mind the price tag, you can try this.

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*PR sample. My review is honest and unbiased.