Hey Beautiful Ladies!     I realised that I haven't done any lipstick review since long. So I thought why not to review most aff...

L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte - Scrumptious Review!!

August 29, 2020 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Beautiful Ladies!
    I realised that I haven't done any lipstick review since long. So I thought why not to review most affordable cute liquid lipstick I bought recently which is also perfect for fall season. Let me present to you the most adorable liquid lipstick L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte - Scrumptious. Is it a lip gloss? Or matte liquid lipstick? Which category does it lies? Read further to know more.
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte in shade Scrumptious.

PRICE: Rs. 325
AVAILABILITY: Nykaa, Amazon etc.

Long Wearing Creamy Matte Finish.
Intense High Shine.
Non-Drying Formula.

Love your lips with two new lipgloss finishes – Matte and Super Shine. Pout lipglosses are a gloss lover’s dream. The long-wearing Matte formula goes on like a traditional gloss and dries to a long lasting matte finish. The Super Shine formula is flecked with shimmer that glides on leaving lips moisturized with shiny color.

   When I saw this I couldn't stay away from trying as I saw it was smudge proof, budge proof & waterproof. Let's find out.

SHADE: I got the shade Scrumptious which is beautiful dark maroon shade with undertones of purple and brown in it. It is perfect shade for this fall season.

   L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte comes in cute, adorable glass tube packaging where bottom part is transparent where you can see the colour of the lipstick and top part is lid which is black coloured with brand name embossed on it. It is very cute & chubby, is travel friendly. You can easily carry it in your wallet even. It has got long doe foot applicator which is much convenient for application.

   It is highly pigmented. This dark shade liquid lipstick is very much pigmented and one needs to be fast while applying as it can go streaky leading to patchy application. The texture is soft, mousse like and it applies easily but it might get uneven as been a darker shade, so one needs to be quick and precise because mistakes done can be bit painful to undo it again. One needs to exfoliate and moisturize lips before applying it or else can be drying and will leads to flakiness.

   The staying power is astounding as it stays for 7 to 8 hours without meals. But with meals it does stays for 5 to 6 hours later fades from the centre of lips, so touch up is necessary. It leaves a nice tint behind. Removing it is very painful as it doesn't go easily with water,you needs a good cleanser or makeup remover to remove this.

  1. Affordable. 
  2. Cute & Chubby packaging.
  3. Travel friendly.
  4. Beautiful fall shade.
  5. Comes in varieties of shades.
  6. Good staying power.

  1. This dark shade can be patchy & streaky on application. 
  2. Exfoliation & moisturising is necessary for lips before applying it.
  3. Removing it can be pain.
  4. Can be drying to lips.



L.A. Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte - Scrumptious is affordable, cutely packed chubby liquid lipstick which is beautiful fall shade having good staying power but can be streaky on application and drying for lips, so proper lip exfoliation is necessary for it. I loved the shade.

  IBN RECOMMENDATION: If you don't mind the extra hard work of prior exfoliation and later removal of it, then you can truly try this as it's quite affordable than other liquid lipsticks.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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