Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Hello Beauties! Hair are the most important feature of a person. They can...

The Magic of Wigs and Box Braids From Black Hairspray!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Hello Beauties!

Hair are the most important feature of a person. They can transform your personality and even make you look up to 2 times younger. Moreover healthy hair, be it straight or curly, are always loved by everyone.
The Magic of Wigs and Box Braid
From Black Hairspray!
   Well, I've had people ask me what I do to keep my hair healthy. The answer lies in the science itself. Hair are actually dead. So if anyone cuts them, you won't obviously feel hurt. Hair grow from the roots so if anyone tells you that if you cut your hair, they'll grow longer and stronger. It's most likely that it's a myth.

   Secondly, when it comes to styling, people usually settle for light curls or straight hair.
There are numerous hair styles you can try with your hair. The trick is to have the perfect hair and care supplies. Still not sure about your hair style?
Well, I've got the perfect solution: wigs and hair braids
The Magic of Wigs and Box Braids
From Black Hair Spray!

   I don't understand why people don't use wigs more often. Wigs are an investment. You can wear them any day and make your (wig) hair look fresh like sunshine. Plus, they're available in different colors to experiment with.

   Wigs are actually pretty cheap and if you look at the right places you can find them at affordable, throwaway prices.

   Wigs are currently in trend because of the uniqueness and the convenience of having perfect hair at all times. You can even try out a pink wig without having to dye your hair. They're a safer option for people who have treated hair. Or even who have no hair at all because of diseases.

   It is pretty easy to wear wigs, and they're not noticeable, if worn correctly. Tie your hair, wear your wig over it and clip it in place. It really does the trick.
The Magic of Wigs and Box Braiđs
From Black Hairspray!

   Second up in trends are braids. Well, even though they're a traditional custom, people are getting their hair braided because of the authentic look and the bohemian vibes.
To me, they look pretty fantastic and unique not to mention that they're fashion forward too.

   Earlier, Braids were just a means of dividing people socially. Certain hairstyles were meant for certain groups of the society, particular tribes and nations. Some hairstyles informed others of their individual statuses in the society. People usually talked while braiding each others hair and it became a social activity by that time.

The Magic of Wigs and Box Braids
from Black Hairspray!

   Rooted from Africa, the Braids are never something the society accepted as their own. They would never fit into the traditional beauty standards of the society but as days passed, people started breaking stereotypes and they were now openly acceptable. Braids or box Braids carry along the cultural ties that are rooted deeply in Africa. Even thought people might react differently to hairstyles, there's no denying the fact that they're 2 times much better than your usual hair and need half the maintainance. The lesson, here, is to give up on stereotypes and the ideals of the society. Be your own kind of beautiful.

Which hairstyle are you trying out today? 

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