Hi Girls!    If you’re looking for Brazilian virgin hair , you will no doubt want to chose bundles with the most realistic look. The best...

How to Choose Hair Bundles with Lace Closure for Black GIrls!

May 08, 2018 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Girls!

   If you’re looking for Brazilian virgin hair, you will no doubt want to chose bundles with the most realistic look. The best way to achieve a realistic look with your Brazilian weave bundles is through a lace closure. Let’s take a closer look at why a lace closure is recommended for unprocessed virgin hair bundles, and how you can choose the right one for you.
Hair Bundle with Lace Closure!
   A lace closure is a type of hair closure for your wig. A hair closure, simply defined, is the part of the wig which covers an area of your head and creates the illusion of a natural hair part. Hair closures are designed to help the wig blend-in with your actual hair and are either sewn-in or glued in. There are a number of different hair closure styles and materials, ranging from full closures and partial closures to closures made from materials such as lace.

   A lace closure is made with very thin, fine material that is ideal for anyone who wants a very natural look for their wig or weave. The reason why lace closures are so popular is because they can be found in colors that match your skin and scalp tones, making them look very realistic.

Different Types of Lace Closures:
   There are many different kinds of lace closures. The following 3 are the most common closures you’ll find for standard Brazilian weave bundles and other hair bundles.
Hair Bundle with Lace Closure!
4x4 Inch Closure: This is the smallest type of lace closure for unprocessed virgin hair. This closure is also the most affordable and is especially popular for its price. The small size, however, can make it difficult to achieve a wide range of styles with your wig or weave, and this can be limiting. It is ideal if you know that you don’t want to change your wig or weave part very much.

13x4 Inch Closure: This is a larger closure that is a great option for a larger realistic piece that allows for a greater range of styling changes than the 4x4” closure because it covers a larger area of the scalp. The only limitation is that the lace is restricted to the front section of the head, which you’ll have to keep in mind while styling in order to avoid exposing the wig lines.

360 Lace Frontal Closure: The 360 lace frontal closures are the newest in wig technology and are the type of closures most often used by celebrities, stylists and models. A 360 closure goes around the entire front of the head, creating the most realistic and versatile closure that allows for a wide range of style options. This type of closure does cost more than the smaller 4x4” and 13x4” models, but the added versatility is more than worth the money if want to change your hair style, hair part, or use styles such as pony-tails and up-dos.

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