Hi Everyone!    Your house plays a really significant role in your life. The beauty of a house is not just measured by its size but ...

A Beautiful Portrait Painting to deck up your House!

November 26, 2018 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Everyone!

   Your house plays a really significant role in your life.

The beauty of a house is not just measured by its size but also by the memories that have taken place in it.

It certainly feels like the safest place on earth when things are not exactly going in your favor.

A home is not just a building or an apartment but it is a feeling, an emotion and an expression that reveals a lot about a person.

   A portrait painting is the perfect way to make your house more appealing not only to the eyes, but also to the heart.

Just like one takes good care of his/her body so also should he make an effort to keep his house in good shape.

Turn pictures to paint and watch as your beloved memories transform into a feeling which is even more magical when you first felt it.

Living those moments, especially sharing them with everybody who comes to your house in an artistic and creative way is an awesome option as it shows what great taste you have.

It is also a good way to increase the positive vibes of your home.

A huge custom sized portrait painting on your wall will sure make for a great centerpiece.

When it comes to purchasing portrait paintings I would certainly recommend PortraitFlip as it provides you with some quality paintings at some really economical and stellar prices.

How it works:
   Visit the PortraitFlip site and click the ‘get started’ button.

After clicking it choose the size, medium in which you want your portrait painting and fill all the essential details as in: number of people, whether you want it framed or rolled.

Now that everything is filled the cost will be displayed to you.

You also have the option of giving your own suggestions to the artist in a message box that is placed below.

After all this is done, you have a choice as to whether you want to pay the full amount or a 30% deposit and the rest once your painting is completed.

They offer you a great variety of options when it comes to the medium in which you want your portrait painting such as a charcoal portrait, oil portrait, watercolor portrait, pencil sketch portrait and colour pencil sketch potrait.

What else can you ask for!

A painting may speak a thousand words but a personalized portrait painting can certainly accommodate a thousand different emotions and feelings.

Hence Turning photo to paint is a great home d├ęcor option to style up your house.

A home filled with memories is really priceless as there are some things that money cannot buy alone.

You may trot the globe around, travel a million miles and witness a thousand different cultures but at the end of the day there is no place like home sweet home.

A portrait painting is the perfect way to keep a memoir of all the times that you wish simple never got over.

Create such a home where your walls know joy, each room holds laughter and every window opens a great possibility.

Plan your home in such a way where tiny things have great meaning and make you think of some really awesome memories.

A home is not just a mixture of bricks, cement and other building materials.

It is much more than just a place which is surrounded by walls on every side of it.

It is a place where you are accepted for what you really are without any troubles or differences.

Make your home a great fashion statement by getting a portrait painting done.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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