Budget Series: Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipsticks Review!

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   Lipsticks are the go-to products to complete your entire look. A good lipstick which compliments your outfit as well as your facial features can make a whole lot of difference.
A lot of my readers enjoy reading the reviews of brands which are quite the underdogs. You know, those brands which have great products but aren't appreciated as much, that's why I have started this Budget Series.
   And truth be told, several underdog brands can compete with high-end ones when it comes down to quality. I came across the Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipsticks. Today I'll be reviewing it for you all. Keep reading to know my views on the lipstick!
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipsticks Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick.


AVAILABILITY: Available on Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon and retail outlets.

   Color Fever just matt lipstick is thoughtfully designed to give absolute matt result without drying the lips. Its dual formula helps in keeping lips supply and baby soft. Now you can use matt all day long with no fear of the lip color bleeding away or causing excessive dryness to your lips. Go carefree with Color Fever just matt lip lipstick, especially for matt lovers with wild shades that add the zing factor to your glow.

   Apply on lips starting from the middle. Recommended to shade both lips with a matching Color Fever lip liner. This allows lips to be well defined and enhances the look.

INGREDIENTS LIST: Not mentioned.
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Review!

   Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick was what you call an impulse buy. I didn't think at all before getting my hands on this one. I added it to my cart without thinking twice. I didn't have much expectations from the brand either. Those 3 shades, however, was the one that caught my attention. And the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" was proved right.

   The brand has over fifteen lovely shades in the collection, all of which have quirky names:
1  Burgundy
2. Hot Pink
3. Indian Red
4. Mauve  
5. Bubble Gum
7. Rust Red.   
8. Maroon
9. Brownish Red
10. Crimson
11. Plum
12. Fuchsia
13. Brick Red
14. Burnt Amber
15. Candy Red.
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Review 

   These lipstick comes in a fancy, shiny silver colored body with a sturdy build. The cap shuts tightly with a click. It is easy to carry and definitely a travel-friendly product. The packaging is slim and compact, making it super easy to store it anywhere as well. It also resembles the Lakmé Enrich Matte Lipsticks packaging but this one isn't flimsy or feels like cheap plastic.
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Review!

   Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipsticks shades 
03 Indian Red
12 Fuschia
13 Brick Red
are bright and bold lipstick that would look amazing on every skin tone. The shade Bubblegum is really vibrant and bright. Rust Red, on the other hand, is a bit more subtle whereas Burgundy is a bold and classy shade. The lipstick glides on smoothly without any fuss. It doesn't tug or pull on your lips either. The pigmentation is quite decent. Two swipes would give you a completely opaque and flawless finish. If you prefer creamy matte formulas for daily wear, this might be it.
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Review 

   The formula of this lipstick is soft and smooth. The pigmentation is build-able, so you don't have to worry about having an uneven finish. This is a long-lasting lipstick, designed to give an even and luscious finish to your lips. The fragrance has the usual sweet, cosmetic-like scent to it but it's almost unnoticeable and fades away instantly, but might be overpowering to sensitive nose.

RESULTS: Indian Red and Brick Red are bold, warm shades whereas Fuschia is bright pink. The shade doesn't fade unevenly and it doesn't disappear quickly either. It feels light and looks absolutely stunning on my lips.

Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Review!

STAYING POWER: The lipstick stays on an average for 2-3 hours. It fades away evenly without leaving any uneven patches on your lips. It can survive light meals but might need touch-ups after heavy ones. It is transferable and transfers to cups, mugs etc. It doesn't bleed when applied. 

  1. Bold, subtle shades. 
  2. Opaque, Matte finish.
  3. Build-able pigmentation. 
  4. Vitamin-E Enriched. 
  5. Long-lasting formulation.
  6. Affordable.
  7. Easy to carry. 
  8. Travel-friendly.
  9. Easily available. 
  10. Strong build. 
  11. Vibrant and bright shades to choose from. 
  12. Highly pigmented.
  13. Smooth consistency.
  14. Doesn't tug or pull on your lips.
Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Swatches!

  1. May leave a stain.
  2. Smell is artificial cosmetics like can be offending to sensitive nose.
  3. Been creamy matte staying power is bit low.
  4. Transfer easily on cups and mugs.

Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipstick Swatches!

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: If you’re looking for an affordable daily wear creamy matte lipstick on budget, I have something to say: This is for you. Color Fever Extra Smooth Just Matte Lipsticks will flatter all skin tones. The smooth formula of the lipstick makes sure that it glides onto your lips and does not tug or accentuate fine lines. Enriched with Vitamin E oil, the creamy matte lipstick does not drag on or dry the lips and instead leaves them feeling hydrated. The shade Burgundy is the perfect Fall/Winter shade which instantly adds a bit of boldness to your look. And given the price tag that it comes with, it's definitely a steal and made this into Budget Series of IBN.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend trying it at out at such price tag.

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