Hey Beauties!    The lines between fashion and the automobile industry have been blurred quite recently. And rightly so, both the indu...

Top Cars To Amph Up Your Fashion Quotient!

December 10, 2018 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Beauties!

   The lines between fashion and the automobile industry have been blurred quite recently. And rightly so, both the industries have quite a lot in common. Be it the classic metallic designs of a car or that of a silver peplum dress, both have been setting trends of the year. Keeping that in mind, we'll be talking about how you can get inspired by the automobile industry and revamp your wardrobe. Are you ready to be the trendsetter? Let's go!
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  Cars, to me, are so inspiring. Everything including their built and even the sparkly lights is chic. From the matte interiors to the shiny exteriors, you can find a little bit of uniqueness in everything. Quite recently, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showcased glamourous designs inspired by cars; an array of colorful dresses cut out of comfortable and free-flowing fabric which depicts the effortless built of cars. There were models strutting down the runway in colorful, glittery and even plain matte dresses adorned with accessories such as a numberplate handbag and a steering wheel, all of them carrying a lot of oomph in every look.
   Take the Ford Mustang, for example, it has a bold design styling and a beautiful buttery yellow color. It has premium features such as the independent suspension system and improved performance. It is comfortable and definitely a great pick for those who are looking for a family car. Furthermore, the exteriors are so attractive and definitely a crowd-puller. 

   There are several other cars that have an equally fascinating built that can be used to revamp and style your wardrobe. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van has a funky design. It's perfect for a small family. There's plenty of interior space and several options for customizations. 
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   Bring it home in a Jet Black color for absolute elegance and class. Likewise, you can step into the world of mix-and-match and take your fashion game up a notch this season. Mercedes spoils its buyers with several options of colors and seating options to choose from. Given how cold the winters are, you can be inspired by the modern and comfortable interiors and get yourselves warm overcoats in the same enchanting colors. Opt for leather fringes or flaunt a perky bustle. 

   This recent love affair between cars and fashion has opened the doors to an entirely new dimension. You can try pairing any outfit with high-heeled boots while standing out in terms of style. The palette of possibilities doesn't end here, don't go for only bright and vibrant colors, make fashion statements by wearing subtle shades. 
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   Cars such as the luxurious Range Rovers not only appeal in terms of their features but are also similar to several luxurious jackets I'm seeing in the market recently, which set you aside from the regular folks. 

   Well, I hope you have enough choices to choose from; in terms of both cars and fashion. Narrow down your picks and reinvent fashion according to your style. 

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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