NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

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Hey makeup geeks, 

How are you all doing? Previously, I talked about several beginner-friendly products in the budget series. Today, on my testing table, I have yet another budget-friendly lipstick from a prominent brand. It is definitely one of the products with the most hyped up reviews. To see for myself, I'll be reviewing the NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia. 
Keep reading to know my thoughts on the same.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia


AVAILABILITY: Available on purplle.com

PRODUCT CLAIMS: NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick is built to gratify the different personalities you have. It is the enchantment of that Poetic New York diva on your lips. Steal them with your words and keep them engaged with your lips as you apply NY Bae's Poetic Patricia Super Matte Lipstick. Promising Super Matte shade that adds that needed glamour your lips need as you narrate your heart out!. It's smudge free and long - lasting, letting you to be yourself. Off in the wildest parts of America, in the extremely harsh and dry weather conditions, grows a few feet tall stems like a wild and supremely exotic plant, Candelilla. After processing multiple pounds of this wild-ling, few pounds of the most useful substance to ever be extracted from wild plants on the great island of America, Candelilla Wax, is used to make sure that these Matte NY Bae lippies maintain the moisture on your lips whilst gliding smoothly on your lips. Every pearl sourced, every color created, every oil added, is deeply rooted to reflect the spirit of the fashion capital of the world. Be it the Upper East Side or the other side of Brooklyn, Harlem or Times Square, the classy lifestyle of New Yorkers who sizzle through the day and dazzle all night is here, the enabler to showering sass all the time is here. Innovation champions bring a whole of NY for you in the form of NY Bae Lipsticks. The spirit of the vibrant city, captured in a cute bullet. Nothing you wear would feel more NY than NY Bae

DIRECTION FOR USE: Simply apply starting from the middle of your lips, moving towards the ends of your lips. 

INGREDIENTS LIST: Not mentioned.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

   For colder months of the year, I typically enjoy putting on bold lipsticks. You know, shades of reds, maroons, purples, burgundy - you name it. Dark colors just have a way of bringing life to my outfit during Fall/Winters. The NY Bae Lipstick was sort of an impulse buy because one, I wanted to try a different shade and two because it was from a brand which I'm unfamiliar with.

PACKAGING: The packaging of the lipstick is quite simple and not unusual. The lipstick comes in a bullet encased in a plastic/metal body. The outer body is black in color. The mechanism ensures you can twist it up and down with ease. The cap shuts with a click ensuring that the product stays intact inside it. The packaging is compact, making it easy to carry. The packaging is quite travel-friendly and you can keep it anywhere without worrying about finding lipstick smeared on your money. (It happened with me. True story!)
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

       The shade 'Poetic Patricia' is one of the several shades available. It is a gorgeous burgundy/purple shade. The shade is highly pigmented and gives an almost-opaque finish. The texture is smooth and creamy and it applies rather easily. It glides on smoothly without tugging on pulling on your lips. There is a very pungent smell that it has. I don't know how to comprehend but it sort of smells like cough syrup or some sort of berry. Whatever the case, the smell can be quite annoying at times. Those who are sensitive to smell, which definitely give this a pass.

NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

RESULTS: The Lipstick glides on easily on my lips. The formula is pretty comfortable to wear. It doesn't feel too heavy. It can survive a light meal but it can definitely transfer to your clothes. Wearing white with this lipstick would result in terrible stains.

STAYING POWER: It stays on for 3-4 hours with ease. This is decent but it cannot survive heavy meals and definitely needs touch-ups.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!


  1. Highly pigmented.
  2. Vibrant colors.
  3. Velvety, opaque finish. 
  4. Smooth application. 
  5. Sturdy, handy build. 
  6. Easy to apply. 
  7. Travel-friendly. 
  8. Budget-friendly. 
  9. Buildable pigmentation. 
  10. Doesn't tug or pull on your lips 
  11. Variety of shades to choose from.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!


  1. Not long-lasting. 
  2. Not transfer-proof

NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!


NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia is a great daily-wear lipstick. It can be worn to the office or on special occasions. The shade is extremely versatile and would suit most skin tones. The formula of the lipstick is smooth enough to not tug on your lips or accentuate the fine lines. It's not completely matte and has a little sheen to it which actually complements the shade. However, it can transfer with ease so you might have to be careful. It's not long lasting either and does require touchups every now and then. But given the price tag, it is definitely worth it.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I recommend it to those who are on a budget and want to try a bold, vibrant shade.

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